Tutorial Transcript

Hi, guys! Ciao ragazzi! I’m Desiree and welcome to 15 happy words. amare “to love” Amare is a word that you can use with a lot of stuff. For example; your boyfriend or girlfriend, you love them in a romantic way; your family, you love them; or your friends; dogs; or cats; or even food. You can just say “I love spaghetti.”, for example, and that’s fine. bello “beautiful” Bel bambino; bella ragazza “what a beautiful girl”; bella giornata “what a beautiful day”. And yeah, when you say just bello, it’s something that you approve, you like, like, how was your trip? Bello, just good, beautiful. contento “happy” Noi siamo contenti "we are happy". Essere contento "to be happy". You can ask the kid for example, Sei contento dei tuoi regali? "Are you happy about your presents?" grande “great” Remember that grande literally means “big” but in this case, it’s an exclamation like "great!” grande! Hey, I’m getting married. “Great!” Grande! orgoglioso “proud” “I’m very proud of my children.” Sono molto orgoglioso dei miei bambini. I don’t have kids, but I hope I can say this someday in my life. piacere “to like” Okay, piacere as a verb means like. For example, A me piace il blu. "I like blue." But when you’re introducing yourself, you can say Il mio nome è Desiré, piacere. "My name is Desiré, nice to meet you." Because it would be Piacere di conoscerti. It’s "Nice to meet you." vivace “lively” “That kid is really lively.” Quel bambino è molto vivace. So, yeah, it means he’s cheerful and wants to play a lot, maybe and never has any problem. Yeah, also, you can say about a city, “It’s a lively city.” E' una città vivace. Also, a color can be vivace, E' un colore vivace. "It's a lively color." rilassato “relaxed” Ah, sono così rilassato. "Ah, I'm so relaxed." Like “I really need to take a break and go on vacation to relax.” Ho proprio bisogno di prendere una pausa e andare in vacanza per rilassarmi. You can also use it as an adjective to people like, “He’s a relaxed person.” E' una persona rilassata. buffo “funny” Buffo is not the same as divertente. That’s another way to say funny. For example, “That movie was really fun!” Quel film era molto divertente! Yeah, I would say that divertente can be used for everything, while buffo, it’s something more particular. Buffo is a kind of sweet way to be funny, like you can say that a kitty is buffo. It makes you laugh, but not like humor, but more like, ohh. energico “energetic” So someone with a lot of energy like, for example, if we just finished playing volleyball and you’re like, ahh, “I’m so tired.” Sono così stanco. But that person goes like, “Hey, why don’t we play football now?” Ehi, perché non giochiamo a calcio ora? Questa è una persona energica! “This is an energetic person!" entusiasta “excited” “She was so excited about the movie.” Lei era così entusiasta del film. "He's really excited about his birthday." E' entusiasta del suo compleanno. It can be used with boys and girls without changing. It’s always entusiasta. Sono entusiasta della vita. "I'm excited about life." fiducioso “hopeful” I trust people. I’m a person that can be called fiduciosa. So yeah, this adjective changes, fiducioso and fiduciosa. Sono fiducioso riguardo al futuro. "I'm hopeful about the future." gentile “kind” E' una persona gentile. "He's a kind person." E' sempre gentile con i bambini. "He's always kind to kids." You can also refer about some taste. You’re eating a cake and you say, oh this has a kind test. It’s not too strong, not too sweet maybe, not bitter. It’s a kind taste. ridere “to laugh” That’s the secret of life, ridere, laugh a lot. E' una persona che ride sempre. "He's a person who always laughs.", or “Who loves to laugh.” Che ama ridere. soddisfatto “satisfied” Sono soddisfatto dei miei risultati. "I'm satisfied with my results." Sono soddisfatto della mia vita. "I'm satisfied about my life." And that’s I think the goal for everyone. So that’s why this is the last of our 15 happy words. Comment what’s your favorite one or with other happy words that you can think of and remember to subscribe. Ciao, ciao! Bye-bye! When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.