Tutorial Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria. Nice to see you again or nice to meet you. Today, we’re going to talk about the summertime topic, the 20 words you’ll need for the beach. So let’s start! occhiali da sole “sunglasses” Indosso occhiali da sole colorati e alla moda. “I wear colorful fashionable sunglasses.” By the way, I love to wear fashionable sunglasses. I have like so many sunglasses and you can actually say in Italy as well, ‘Mi piacciono gli occhiali alla moda.’ which is like “I like fashionable sunglasses.” spiaggia “beach” Mi piace stare sulla spiaggia a prendere il sole. “I like to lay on the beach in the sun.” I mean who doesn’t guys? I remember that I haven’t been to the seaside yet this year so I’m looking forward to it. And every time I go, I just stand on the beach all day long and I swim all day long and I get very dark and this is such a great time for myself. So I hope you will have some nice seaside time as well in your summer. nuoto “swimming” Da bambina il nuoto era lo sport che più odiavo. “When I was a child, swimming was the sport I hated the most.” Well, this is not very much my case in a way that I was like a fish myself. My mom, she’s come from actually a place in the south of Italy so I used to go there every summer and I used to stay there for three months for a whole school holidays and I used to swim like a fish. I had such a great time. sole “sun” Stare troppo al sole mi fa sentire stanca. “Being in the sun makes me feel very tired.” You can also say in Italian like the sun makes you feel tired actually. The sun itself is a very hot weather, you know, and you can also say ‘Se prendo troppo sole, mi stanco.’ which is pretty much the same like to say “If I stay on the sun for a very long time, I get very tired.” palma “palm tree” Sogno di bere un buon cocktail sotto a una palma. “I dream to drink a good cocktail under a palm tree.” So this is quite refreshing as well. So let’s say you are on the beach and there is a bar and you can just go there and say, ‘Poso avere un cocktail fresco, per favore?’ which means, “Can I please have a fresh cocktail, please?” conchiglia “seashell” Passeggiando sulla spiaggia ho trovato splendide conchiglie. “Walking on the beach, I found wonderful seashells.” And I still have some of the bests that I took when I was on the seaside places and there are so many which they have like very different colors and shapes because maybe, you know, they’re really old so this is something that I really like to do when I go on holidays. costume da bagno “swimsuit” Hai comprato dei costumi nuovi per la prossima vacanza? “Did you buy some new swimsuits for the next vacation?” You can also say in Italian, ‘Hai nuovi costumi da bagno da usare?’ which means do you have some new swimsuit to use this year?” oceano “ocean” Ogni anno andiamo a fare immersioni in oceano. “Every year we go to dive into the ocean.” It’s something that I never did really. I mean I’m quite scared as well of a deep ocean. I think it’s like I’m fascinated. At the same time, I’m quite scared, but I really admire the people that are brave enough to get there, you know. bagnino “lifeguard” Andrea ha frequentato un corso per diventare bagnino. "Andrea took a course to become a lifeguard.” telo da mare “beach towel” Preferiamo stare sul telo da mare che sul lettino. “We prefer laying on a beach towel than a beach lounger.” Okay and I’ll tell you why. This is my case, just because I like to feel the softness of the beach really, of the sand, you know. I really like that feeling. sedia a sdraio “beach chair” Affittare le sedie a sdraio in agosto può essere abbastanza costoso. “Renting beach chairs in August may be quite expensive.” And this is actually a truth because everyone in Italy, I mean most of the people in Italy goes on holidays in August, you know. And that’s the main period where everything is more expensive if you go so it’s just a very generic circumstance. castello di sabbia “sand castle” Tutti i bambini e molti adulti adorano fare castelli di sabbia. “All children and many adults love to make sand castles.” I love that very much myself as well. mini frigorifero “cooler” Con il mini frigorifero è possibile mangiare e bere bibite fresche anche nelle spiagge isolate. “Using a cooler, it's possible to have food and fresh drinks even in isolated beaches.” marea “tide” Quando si alza la marea alcune isolette scompaiono. “When the tide goes up, some little islands disappear.” abbronzatura “tan” Prendere l'abbronzatura usando la crema solare è possibile. “Getting a sun tan while using a sunscreen is possible.” I’m adding not just possible, you should do that all the time because if you don’t use any sun protection, it’s quite dangerous for your skin because of the UV ray and that’s the main reason basically, but you should anyway. It’s very important. snorkeling “snorkeling” Facciamo snorkeling sperando di vedere i pesci tropicali. “We go snorkeling, hoping to see tropical fishes.” This is one of the few words in Italian that they are exactly the same in English. So snorkeling in Italian, “snorkeling” in English, same. infradito “flip-flop” Le infradito sono bellissime ma a volte scomode. “Flip-flops are beautiful but sometimes uncomfortable.” Which is actually a truth. bikini “bikini” I bikini della prossima estate avranno colori sgargianti. “Next summer bikinis will be jazzy colorful.” Bikini is another word that in Italian is exactly the same in English; bikini “bikini”. Cappellino “hat/cap” Mettere il cappellino sulla testa dei bambini in spiaggia è importante. “Putting a hat on the head of children at the beach is very important.” Why? Because children are definitely more delicate and fragile than adults so everyone should use a cap or sun protection, but a particular attention should be for the kids, for the youngest. gelato “ice cream” In Italia i gelati alla frutta sono davvero deliziosi. “In Italy, fruit ice creams are very delicious.” I love ice cream. I mean Italian ice creams are amazing really so if you love ice cream, you should just try Italian ice cream if you go on holiday in my place, you know. Anyway, so with these wonderful and sweet thoughts, we end this lesson guys and thanks very much for listening to me. Please subscribe, comment, tell me what you think, tell me if I just missed a word, if you want to add something, you know. Your comments are very, very important to us. So thanks for listening and I wish you a great day. Bless you. Take care. Bye-bye!