Tutorial Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria, nice to meet you. And today, we’re going to see the top 10 compliments you will always want to hear in my language. So let’s start! Sei bello. “You're handsome.” You can actually use the female version as well. If you want to say it to a girl or a woman that she’s beautiful, you can say sei bella “you’re beautiful”. Sei un amico favoloso. “You are an awesome friend.” It means that you are a beautiful friend. So say sei un amico favoloso if you want to compliment a friend of yours in Italian. Il tuo curriculum è impressionante. “Your resume is impressive.” This is actually very good when you want to talk with someone about his job and you’re actually looking at the CV, you know, and you want to compliment a guy or a girl or the woman, whoever it is, you know, for his job skills then you say il tuo curriculum è impressionante. Also you can say il tuo curriculum va molto bene. Ottimo lavoro! “Great job!” You actually say ottimo lavoro to someone when the work, the job that he has been asking to do is just performed at the best, you know. So you can also say lavoro eccelente as ottimo lavoro. They are the same thing, so you can say ottimo lavoro or lavoro eccelente which means like they are actually the same thing. Quella giacca sembra carina addosso a te. “That jacket looks nice on you.” So this is something that you want to say when someone is dressed in a way that you like. You can also say, “I like the way you are dressed up.”. And you can say mi piace come ti vesti which is pretty similar to it. Hai buon gusto. “You have good taste.” So hai buon gusto is actually usually telling people I have good taste especially for the fashion and all those kind of things. So you can always say to an Italian person hai buon gusto. They will always appreciate it. Il tuo sorriso è bellissimo. “Your smile is beautiful.” Pretty much nothing to say about this phrase. It’s just something really nice to say, “Your smile is beautiful.” Il tuo sorriso è bellissimo. Very good compliment. Sembri stupendo. “You look gorgeous.” Okay, you might not say this to a guy or a girl. You might be a bit shy, things like that, but you might think about this. In that case, you say, sembri stupendo. You’re amazing, you look amazing, you look gorgeous in this case as a compliment. Ti trovo in splendida forma! “You look in good shape!” Another very nice compliment to say to someone. That means that your body, your shape is okay and people notice it so if you want to say it to someone that you haven’t seen for a long time, an Italian friend of yours, you know, you can say ti trovo in splendida forma! and they will appreciate it for sure. Senza di te non sarebbe lo stesso. “Without you, it wouldn't be the same.” So this is something quite powerful to say to someone. It’s more than a compliment really. It’s when you actually cannot stay without the person or things like that so it’s something really, really important and something that you might bear in mind because it’s really important. Senza di te non sarebbe lo stesso. So it’s something really, really, really nice to say to someone. With this compliment, we actually reached the end of our lesson. Thanks very much for listening. It has been a pleasure to teach you some Italian nice words as usual. So please subscribe, comment, come back and watch our next video. We will be so happy to give you insights of our amazing language, so take care guys! Have a nice day and bless you. Bye-bye!