Tutorial Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to ItalianPod101.com. My name is Ilaria. Nice to meet you or nice to see you again. Today, we’re going to talk about the 10 phrases for surviving back to school. Something that when I used to go to school, it used to freak me out. Of course, I mean everyone loves holidays so I was very scared. I was a bit panicking for the beginning of a new year really, all the time, yeah, but it’s quite normal, you know. So let’s start our lesson. zaino “backpack” Vado a scuola con lo zaino in spalla. “I go to school with a backpack.” compagno di classe “classmate” I miei compagni di classe a volte sono dispettosi. “Sometimes my classmates are annoying.” I used to love my classmates. My classmates used to be my friends, but of course, I had also some people quite annoying. But anyway, my best memories from my school period are because of my classmates really so... compiti “homework” L'insegnante di matematica ci da sempre molti compiti da fare a casa. “The math teacher always gives us too much homework.” So homework and tests at school are a bit annoying as well in a way. I mean they’re really useful, you know. You can also say in Italian ‘I compiti non mi piacciono.’ or ‘Non mi piace fare i compiti.’ which means “I don’t like to do my homework.” esame “exam” Questo fine settimana ci prepariamo insieme per l'esame di latino. “This weekend, we'll prepare for the Latin exam together.” I actually studied Latin at school myself. It’s a very interesting language really. It’s actually the base of the Italian language. The language itself, its’ built in a completely different way than Italian. And also if you study Latin, it’s very useful for your logical reasoning. So yeah, it’s very interesting. It’s a very interesting language. pausa estiva “summer break” Non voglio studiare tutti i giorni durante la pausa estiva. “I don't want to study every day during the summer break.” Okay, this is quite common. I mean it’s a bit like the homework thing. Even though you have spare time and things like that, I mean you have to do your homework because it’s part of your duties to be a student really. scuola “school” Nella scuola dei miei sogni c'è spazio per tutti per studiare in biblioteca e in giardino. “In my dream school, there's enough space for everybody to study in the library and outdoor.” This is pretty much my dream also. I think that staying outside, you know, you know, if you have like possibility in your school if you have like a piece of garden or things like that, it’s very nice to get out, you know, and to teach your students or if you are a student in a way, you can ask your teacher for one time and you can experience the beauty of a lesson outside, you know, to make lessons. I mean not just to play. I used to like this. I used to have a teacher like that when I was in my primary school and I really like her, really. studiare “to study” Ho deciso di studiare l'italiano come seconda lingua. “I decided to study Italian as my second language.” I’m very proud if you’re doing so, really. I think that Italian is a very nice language. You can also say ‘Sto imparando l’italiano.’ which means "I am learning Italian.". E' il primo giorno di lezione. “It's the first day of class.” Siamo nella stessa classe! “We're in the same class!” Qual è la tua specializzazione? “What is your major?” You can also say in Italian, ‘In che cosa ti stai specializzando?’ which is pretty much the same thing. And with this nice question, we actually reached the end of our lesson guys. Thanks very much for listening. Please comment, subscribe, ask us any questions. We will be so happy to answer to you. Thank you and take care always. Bye-bye!