Tutorial Transcript

[Ciao ragazzi!] Hi guys, welcome to the ten favorite words chosen by fans which means by you. [amare] - “love” I would say... [Amo la mia famiglia.] “I love my family.” You can also say... "I love my boyfriend” [Amo il mio ragazzo] or [...la mia ragazza] or "..my girlfriend." Yeah, as in English, you can use "love" also referring to things. For example... [Amo la pizza] - "I love pizza." And yes, people won’t think that you are dating a pizza. [bella] - "beautiful" “What a beautiful girl!” [Che bella ragazza!] “What a beautiful day!” [Che bella giornata!] But be careful because [bella] it’s an adjective and refers to something feminine. [chiaccherare] - "chat". [chiaccherare] means "to chat". I love this verb. [chiaccherare] in Italian is something that you use when you are talking about not really something important. For example, the weather, what you bought yesterday, what you are going to do tomorrow. [felice] - "happy" “I am really happy to be here.” [Sono veramente felice di essere qua.] [Grande!] - "Awesome!" It’s the same as in English. It’s an expression that you use to say something you are happy about. For example, if your friend says... “Hey! I got a promotion!” [Ehi, mi hanno dato una promozione!] "Awesome! " - [Grande!] [innamorato della passione] - "In love with passion" If I hear someone saying, oh he is really in love with passion, I would think about someone who does everything with feelings, who puts a lot of efforts in what he does and so yeah, it’s a great compliment but in daily life, maybe you would hear more...for example.. [Innamorato del lavoro] - "in love with his job" or "doing his job with passion" [Fa il proprio lavoro con passione.] [innamorato della passione] refers to an attitude in general like you are really cheerful, charismatic, and maybe yeah just like just love life. Pay attention that if you are a girl, it would be [innamorata della passione] because as I said before, the ending with [A] refers to a feminine, to a female and the ending with [O] to a masculine, to a male. [rispettare] - “respect” [rispettare le persone] - “respect people” [rispettare le regole] - “respect rules” or [rispettare l'ambiente] - “respect the environment” For example, don’t let your water flow when you`re brushing your teeth. [salutare] - “healthy” The word "healthy" - [salutare] comes from [salute] that is “health”. As an adjective... [Fare jogging tutte le mattine è salutare.] “Going jogging every morning, it’s healthy” or [Mangiare il gelato tutti i giorni non è salutare.] “Eating ice cream every day it’s not healthy.” Bad hand! Don’t buy ice cream anymore! But if you use it as a verb, it means say "hi !" like... [Ricordati di salutare tua mamma.] “Remember to say hi to your mother.” Also [salute] it’ a noun, it’s the word "health" but you use it when people sneeze, like... [Salute!] - “Bless you!” [Ti amo] - “I love you” You say that to someone that you really, really care about, you really love in a romantic way. In Italian, you don’t say [Ti amo] to your friends. That would be [Ti voglio bene]. [Ti voglio bene] it’s like "I care about you", "I love you as a friend". Can you see that? Yeah. [Ti amo] - "I love you" If [Ti voglio bene] is here, [Ti amo] is at the top. So it’s something that you would say just to one person and it can also be your mother since mother is love in particular for Italians as you know, it’s supposed to be the first one at the top. Nothing can be more than mother’s love. Then the love that you have for your mother and the love that mother has for you. [vita] - “life” Going with the romantic topic that we were having before, you can say... “You are my life!” - [Sei la mia vita!] “What a beautiful life!” - [Che bella vita!] Another meaning of the word [vita] is "waist". Here basically above your hips and yeah, there is no way to distinguish between them, it’s [vita] with the article [la] - [la vita], both of cases. But yeah I would say you understand it from the context We prefer the positive way of thinking. So let’s go with life. You are my life Senorita. It was the last for our ten favorite words chosen by fans. Let me know if you have your own favorite word or which one was your favorite and remember to subscribe. Bye bye [Ciao - Ciao]