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Subs start at 0:55 I live in Novosibirsk, and in the summer it's quite warm, people tend to not believe it, they think it is a;ways cold in Siberia, but it is not. Of course in the winter, it can be very cold, minus around 30, can be -40 Celsius, but in the summer summer it's also quite warm, well, just about somewhere 23-25 degrees probably ​​on average, and it's quite warm, and given the fact that, it's not very humid, we have a pretty dry climate, I think, compared to Hampton we have a fairly dry climate, and you can't feel that heat as much, while as here, for example, if it's let's say 25, 26, 27 degrees I'm sweating always usually, because here it's very-very humid, and even when I'm playing tennis, when there temperature 20 there, I don't know, 22 degrees it's very, very hot and very difficult to play tennis. But at home in Novosibirsk, we don't usually have that. I love summer very much, because in the summer it's always a break. and I always play a lot of tennis usually in the summer, especially I travel to tournaments well, before the university. I traveled to different tournaments, and a lot of them were in the summer, because everyone is on break, everyone is on vacation, and everyone can freely travel to different cities. This I liked about the summer, and of course the fact that I hung around with friends often, very often partying, went to the cinema and so on, say when in the fall or in the spring, you can't allow yourself to do that because, well, studying, there is school, university, and so on. But in the summer everyone is on vacation, everyone is free, everyone is on break, everyone has fun. And also the second reason, why I love summer, it is because it's my birthday in summer, but not exactly in summer, but two days before summer, I've got it on the thirtieth of May, it turns out almost summer, roughly in the summer and always on my birthday a lot of people gather around for some reason, I do not know why, because I'm probably the sole of company I do not know, and always very close friends are coming together, usually when others celebrate, there's a lot of people, but they are somehow not from the same company, and in I suppose well there will be 10 people for example, and we are all from one company, all communicate, all spend time in a very friendly environment. So that's why I like summer a lot because in the summer I have a birthday and always when I come from America, that is, even now, I have not yet celebrated a birthday outside of Russia, I'm always have home, I'm always in Novosibirsk on my birthday, so this is for me a special day even, because on my birthday I see a lot of people, whom I haven't seen for a long time. That's why I love summer