Tutorial Transcript

Russian starts at 1:41 I love snowboarding, I very much love to ride a snowboard. and every time I manage such I mean, I am able to go, I am very very glad. I like snowboarding because I like, firstly, speed the speed of descent down the mountain, I like to contorl a snowboard, I like the concept of it or something, that is, I really like it, more than skiing, because it seems to me that perhaps there you go faster, maybe somehow sharper you go into the turns and so on. That is to me speed is not so important, to me more important to control the very board. So I like to snowboard and so wherever I went, wherever I snowboarded, I loved everything a lot. Let my legs ache, body ache but I get the drive, I am excited, I am ejoying myself. And so one of my most favorite places where I I love to travel is when I was in America last year's winter the resort Snowshoe. Snowshoe is in the West Virginia, meaning there is a very good complex but it turned out that we went very early and there was little snow and therefore we couldn't ride as as much and as quickly. That is, there really was an ice layer, and to ride was almost unreal. We had me. my girlfriend Victoria, our, my from from tennis and two Two friends of Victoria. There also were a couple, boy and girl. And so, I and my friend from tennis, we ride very good I snowboard, and she skies. And all the others, they were more beginners, so we had to teach them and ride with them, and so I had less time for my own riding my, that is, I was with them all the time so I rode less. Nevertheless, the resort was excellent, there were good trails, there was a springboard even, it was really was very interesting and very good experience. I would still go there of course, but in the east of America there is very little good mountains so for me to really feel an experience of American Mountains, I need to go to east (i meant west), or in some central region, which i plan to do.