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hello everyone today we're going to talk about the five ways of saying that you like something in Russian let's get started Way number one is "Мне нравится" I like it "Мне это нравится" it can be anything or anyone so it's just in general something you like for example some person some girl "Мне она нравится" "Мне нравится эта девушка" not because you're in love with her or something but she's just a nice person she's okay she's not bad so you like her she's okay "Она мне нравится" "Она хорошая" or it can be anything else maybe some book for example harry potter "Мне нравится Гарри Поттер" it doesn't mean that you're fan like reading all night long and looking through biographies of the actors or something like that now you just like it you read the book you enjoyed it so you can say "Мне понравилась книга про Гарри Поттера" "Мне нравится Гарри Поттер" or maybe game of thrones. "Игра престолов" "Мне очень нравится Игра престолов" so it's about anything that you like "Мне нравится" way number two is "Я люблю" I love but this one can be pretty confusing because it can mean love i love something or someone and also and actually in most cases it's translated as I like and it's just the synonym of the first one and means that you like something nothing serious just "Мне нравится" "Я люблю" again maybe the same harry potter "Я люблю Гарри Поттера" here it depends on emotions if you save with some intonation like "Я люблю Гарри Поттера" here it means that I love Harry Potter but if you say just in some casual way you know like "Я люблю кофе" here it means I like coffee it doesn't mean that I'm a crazy coffee addict no, it means that you just drink coffee and you prefer to drink coffee not tea it's just for example "Я люблю кофе" "Я люблю пить кофе" "по утрам" i like to drink coffee in the morning but also this very same verb "Любить" if you tell to some person that you love them "Я люблю тебя" here it's a little bit different it doesn't mean that that person is just ok and not bad so you like him or her so it means that you love him or her so be careful here "Я люблю тебя" means i love you when you want to show that you're in love with someone so if it's about some object depends on emotions and the intonation you use "Я люблю" or "Я люблю" nd if it's some person it means i love you not I like you way number three is "Я обожаю" there are several ways to translate it. it can be i adore literal meaning i adore you "Я тебя обожаю" or you can translate it as I like something very much "Я обожаю Гарри Поттера" I love Harry Potter books not me I'm not a Harry Potter fan actually it was just an example but some people do and I've heard that a lot from my friends that they are "обожают Гарри Поттера" "Она обожает Гарри Поттера" this verb "обожать" is pretty strong it means that you like something a lot here it means that you are that person that reads harry potter all night long and being like a zombie in the morning and still thinking about it and can't wait for the new movie and reading all the interviews with all the actors that means "обожать что-то" "Я обожаю Гарри Поттера" or with coffee example if you say "Я обожаю кофе" doesn't mean that you just drink it or maybe a cup and a couple of cups in the morning no, here it means that you love coffee that you can drink it all day long and you are crazy about coffee "Я обожаю кофе" way number four is more informal and this one is pretty strong too you can use the noun here or the verb "Я фанат чего-то" i'm a fan of something and also our people created the verb from that noun "фанатеть" usually teenagers and young people use this a lot "Я фанатею по Гарри Поттеру" i'm a huge fan of harry potter "Я фанатею от чего-то" or "Я фанат чего-то" I am a fan of something and not necessarily some sports I don't like soccer hockey there the word fan like soccer fan is more natural but when you are a fan of coffee "Фанат кофе" here it means that you adore it "Ты обожаешь кофе" "Фанат кофе" it means that you drink coffee not for waking up but you love the taste so it's drinking coffee for the sake of drinking coffee number five "Я схожу с ума от чего-то" i'm crazy about something "Я схожу с ума" literally means i'm going crazy I'm losing my mind and this one is not that common you will meet this one a lot in movies in books especially in movies and books that were translated from english or from friench some other languages because in Russian we don't use this phrase in everyday life it's just not natural but in fiction you will meet it all the time "Я схожу с ума по Гарри Поттеру" "Я схожу с ума от Гарри Поттера" You can use both cases here so it means i'm crazy about something "Он сходит по ней с ума" he's crazy about her so it means that he is so in love with her that he's kind of crazy "Он сходит" "по ней с ума" or "Он сходит от неё с ума" well that's it for today those were the five ways of saying I like it in Russian "Мне нравится" "Я люблю" "Я обожаю, я фанатею" "Я схожу с ума от чего-то" now you know them all, so try to use them next time talking to some Russian friend and that's it for today thank you very much for watching don't forget to subscribe to my channel because there is more to come we have so many different phrases in the Russian language that will help you to sound more natural stay with me to learn more hope to see you in my next video bye bye