Tutorial Transcript

hello everyone and welcome to my new series 5 Russian phrases for something or five ways of saying something in Russian and today we're going to start from the basics it's five ways of saying hello in Russian way number one is Здравствуйте and I'm sure you already know that because this word is usually the first word people learn in Russian Здравствуйте - hello pay attention that you don't pronounce that B there. здраВствуйте is not correct it's ЗдраСТвуйте. where you can use it basically everywhere anywhere when you go to see a doctor when you're buying tickets when you're going shopping you use Здравствуйте so it's for the people you don't know or maybe some people who are older than you you can say Здравствуйте it's a pretty long word so in conversational Russian in everyday life people usually shorten it - Здрасьте Здрасьте and maybe they don't even realize they're doing that but when they speak really fast they make it short Здрасьте! Всем здрасьте Full word Здравствуйте and the short word Здрасьте. Здравствуйте is more formal so you don't use it with your friends or family members it's for people you don't know or for people you don't know very wellб so for colleagues for maybe people you meet several times in your life but nothing more Здравствуйте is for people you say ВЫ to so it's ВЫ and you use Здравствуйте number two is Привет and i'm sure you know that one too it's not as formal and official as Здравствуйте and Привет you usually use for your friends and your family members, for people you already know for some long period of time Привет. Привет! when you come into a room full of people you know you say Привет Всем привет! or maybe very common phrase Привет, как дела? so it's for people you say ТЫ to if you say ТЫ to some person you usually you would say Привет also for young people especially for teenagers if you meet some person who's of your own age you see that it's a teenager or some young person too you can say Привет even if you don't know them so no need to use Здравствуйте there so one more time Привет. Привет! the third way is Доброе утро, добрый день, добрый вечер there are three phrases there for the morning for the day and for the evening Доброе утро good morning Добрый день - good afternoonб good day Добрый вечер - good evening and here there is no formal informal no matter who you're talking to your family member your friend your colleague or some person on the street if it's morning you say доброе утро good morning if it's somewhere in in the afternoon you say добрый день and in the evening добрый вечер so it doesn't depend on who you are talking to it depends on a the period of the day the time of the day evening morning the day afternoon Доброе утро, добрый день, добрый вечер the fourth way is informal - Здорово! Здорово means hello and it's an informal way and it's used a lot by men women don't use it that often but men while shaking their hands they do it a lot. Здорово! pay attention that you stress that second О there not the first one if you say здОрово it means great wow awesome здОрово! but for greeting for saying hello you say ЗдорОво it's a another form of Здравствуйте Здорово it's very informal so don't use it with people you don't know usually it's for male friends - Здорово and shake your hands. and the fifth way of saying hi in Russian it's actually Хай it's very informal. teenagers use it a lot and young people and people in texting when they text to their friends or someone from their family maybe people got too lazy became too lazy to spell Привет they just say Хай those three letters and pay attention to pronunciation you don't pronounce it as English hi hi like breathing hi know there is a hard russian Х there Хай! Хай. Всем хай. so I guess this one is easy to remember but you can use it only with your close friends or your siblings maybe or maybe even your parents but and well very informal way of saying hi - Хай! and that was it for today of course there are very many ways of saying hi hello in Russian more than 20 but for today's video I guess that's enough now you know how to greet people in Russian I hope to see you in my next video bye bye