Tutorial Transcript

What's up guys? My name is Fedor and welcome to Be Fluent in Russian videos here in this video I'm gonna give you guys some basic information about Russian They're gonna help you learn Russian much better much more effectively and much quicker We're not going to learn any words yet any russian words yet? But this information in this video is gonna be very very helpful for you And I hope that you will enjoy learning my mother tongue I have four major points that is going to help you when they couldn't be learned in Russian And the first one is in Russian. There is no to be verb and there is no articles So we say I big I smart this apple So we just dropped to be verbs and job articles and we do not use them at all so when I was learning English it was kind of confusing because articles have no meaning so you can say it's like one of apple one of oranges, but it still didn't make sense to me, so it's gonna be easy for you guys to learn Russian because You just don't have to memorize all those articles and to be verbs the second one is in Russian the order of words Doesn't really matter so we can say I love you. Love you I you love me and it's still going to make sense in Russian while in English It is very very strict, and it has to use words in the certain order and Nahta for it to make sense But in Russian. It's going to make sense anyway, so when I'm teaching my girlfriend Russian She gets so confused when I switch the order of words because for her It doesn't make sense it has to be in the same order all the time because for me It makes sense for her doesn't that's why I say it and she does understand it So that's one of the advantages of Russian language Is that it's not that strict when it comes to the order of words? the third one and the one that you might not really happy about is in Russian every single noun has a gender whether it's Masculine feminine or neuter gender every single object in your room in my room has a gender and we use verbs nouns endings according to the Gender and this one might be really really high for you to Learn because it's all about practice and practice and practice and the fourth point Comes with this one is Russian It's all about practice and vocabulary spend about 20% of your time studying grammar because grandma doesn't play that big of a role in Russia while vocabulary and just practicing the conversation plays a major major major major major major Major role so study vocabulary practice your conversation and even a biggie and that is it for today guys if you like this video give it a thumbs up and Comment down below what you think about it Maybe something you've learned from Maine for any suggestions for the future, and I'll see you next time polka