Tutorial Transcript

"Soyuzmultfilm" presents Wanted: a governess for Kid. Apply to Stockholm, ...Str. ... Don't sigh! It's for the best! But what if Karlsson really does exist? It's Karlsson! Karlsson Comes Back Well, well, there's also a dog. Matilda, do you hear that? Don't worry, I'll make a human out of it! Ummm... Froken Bok! Bok! And your smoking will have a deleterious effect upon my health You'll have to give up that disgusting habit! All right. So, that was you who put in the ad looking for an honest housekeeper, with good character? Then, it's me! But, we were looking for a governess Hm, who needs governing? What an agressive dog! Well, I hope, Froken Bok, that you love children. Mm, how should I put it? Utterly! Well? Off you go! Work without worrying We're going ... And I warrant, that very soon you won't recognize your boy! Thank you Give me the pastry! First of all, desserts ruin your figure Second of all, go to bed! Third of all, um ... do your homework! What else? Something else. It's such a torture governing someone! I remember! Wash your hands! Why would I wash them? There's nothing to eat anyway. Matilda, my child, can you hear me? Take care of that animal! But be careful, it's not germ-free Karlsson! Karlsson! Why are you shouting? You've scared all the fish away! Hello, Karlsson Hey, Junior! Hey, why don't you ask me where I've been all this time? Where have you been all this time? Better! I've been to my granny's Yeah...You don't know my granny! The moment she sees me she shouts at the top of her voice: Karlssonchik! My darling! And then she jumps all over me and hugs me! My granny is the world champion in hugging! Really! Don't you believe me? I do! But anyway, you flew back! Flew back... Think about what you're saying! How can you fly with that propeller? I almost crashed on my way! Listen to this! - Did you hear that? - Yup. I need filling up, urgently! A cake with whipped cream will do! I don't think we have one ... What are you, out of your mind? A dear friend comes from far away just for a minute and you don't even have a cake? But we didn't know ... Did you know anything? You should have kept your hopes up all this time! Listen, we have fried sausages, would you like some? - Fried you say? - Yes! I'll have to learn to slum it in your house! Get them in here! oh, I'm locked in! What did you say? Locked in? Why? That housekeeper is more like a house-reaper! Stop crying! Stop crying I said! Is it me crying or you? Me! And I'm not crying Good for you Listen, who is she that housekeeper? Good evening, dear friends! Let's begin our regular programme: "Life of Ghosts" We are asking you to keep your children away from the TV screen So, today, in our studio we have two ... two... Anyway, you'll hear the story of their meeting with a wild, but very cute ghost This is how it all happened: Outrageous! I'm disgusted at the sight of it! Yuk! So ill-mannered! Matilda! Matilda? What are you deaf? I'm talking to you! Have you seen anything like that? They are showing filchers on TV! How am I not better than them? Outrageous! Our dear friends We are asking anyone who knows anything about ghosts' lives to give us a call on this number: two-two-three ... um.. three-two-two um ...two-two-three, three-two-two. Stop crying! I'm not! Then don't! Don't be alarmed, all'll be fine Guess, who's the best tamer of house-reapers in the world? Who? - No idea? - No! Me, of course! See? Let's fly! Why did you lie to me back then? About what? That you are seven years old Then how old? You weigh a whole eight! Where are you little fellow? Come on out! Cuckoo! Weird, he's not here Ah, there you are! How can it be? The boot's here, but the boy is not in it! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Where are you? Cuckoo! Where've you been? Um, I went for a fly with Karlsson. What do you mean "went for a fly"? Like birds, or what? Right, okay good. I'll be back in a minute, just a moment. I need to take my medicine for a headache, no, from a headache! What's going on? Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! What a nightmare! Listen, it's just horrible! A talking head's infested your house! Look! There it is ... staring at us! Have you never seen a TV set? No, I haven't Ah, I see! But where are the legs? Wait a second! I'll figure it out! Oh, woah! You know, we're just fooling around with pastries here, as usual. Let me introduce myself, I'm Karlsson and that is my little fr...! Where did you go? I'm not playing anymore! Stop eating the pastries! it's your seventh one already! - What are you laughing at? - You are hillarious! She liked me so much! it's all because of you! Cuckoo! Is that you? Hello, my little boy! Wonderful! La-la-la-la La-la-la-la Stop! What are you doing! What's that? What's that noise? No one there... No one there too. Tell me, my dear child, In which of my ears does it buzz? In the left one! Nope! The buzz's in both ears! A-La-La-La-La-La! And I have gone ga-ga! What a pity! Now you know who the best tamer of house-reapers in the worl..oops! Finally, the buzz has stopped! What's going on? The head's still here, The armchair's still there Madam! Actually, Mademoiselle Fine, Mademoiselle! Hello to you from the best ghost with a propeller in the world! How many times have I been told not to watch TV all day along! And here you go! Please, don't! Put me down! I'm scared! Please, let's... let's get to know each other better! Please don't, I'm too scared of you! But why? I'm scared of ghosts! Where did she go? I'm not playing anymore! Has she really gone ga-ga? Is that the TV people? Yes. "Life of Ghosts" department? Yes. Yes! You know, a terribly cute ghost has flown into my flat! Please, come right away! I want to tell the whole world about it! Ah, I got it! What did you get? Karlsson, she wants to get into TV! - Her? into TV? - Yes! That fat house-reaper wants to get into that tiny box? No way! She'd have to be folded in half and half again! You got it all wrong again! Let me explain to you once again! Go ahead! I beg your pardon, and who's that? That? That's me, Karlsson! Karlsson, who lives up on the roof! Wait a moment! So that was you... buzzing in my ears, right? Well, to be honest, yes So that was you stealing my pastries! Stop! The milk has boiled over! My God, the milk has boile Wait a second, what milk? I've got no milk on the stove. Again you with your tricks, little imp! It's such a pity that you are not a ghost! But why? 'Cause any moment now TV artistes will be here! I've called for them only because of the ghost And now, what will I talk to them about? What do you mean "about what"? And me? What about me? Look at me, I'm clever, handsome, a well-proportioned man ... and at the absolute zenith of my powers! Yes, but on TV they've got loads like you - But I'm also talented. Ladies and gentlemen, you will now see the best Karlsson in the world So good you are back already - Karlsson's returned! Come with me, you'll finally meet each other! Well, darling, where's your Karlsson? He's flown away, but he promised to return some time. Dear, dear. The end