Tutorial Transcript

My diet, it is not very successful. I began to do my own weight about three weeks ago I started to eat properly, I stopped eating bad food and began to eat more salads. I also began to play sports, I more precisely, I continued. For a very long time I did sports, but now I started to run almost every morning, ride on a bike almost every morning. And I realized that my progress is almost none. I'm burining about 200-250 calories per run, per exercise on a bicycle, and I eat three times a day: in the morning it is a serving of eggs with milk, with water, then for lunch I eat salad, quite a large salad and the main entree, and for dinner the same as for lunch. I realized that my weight stands still, it does not increase, does not decrease, and I either need to eat less or to engage in sports more. I realized that I need to do both. I will eat a little less, or rather I will eat more salads and less and less such ... such food as rice, noodles, dough, in general, any flour ... flour dishes, I will eat less sweets and more of, say, salads, or fruits. Of course, salads are the main thing, the fruit is so-so. So, and I'll do a little more sports, that is, instead of 200, or 250 calories, I will burn 300 or 350. And let's see how goes my progress. I bought myself scales three weeks ago, and during this time the percentage of fat in my body decreased, by two tenths of a percent, it's very small. And weight my - I burned, probably a kilogram or two in total. In three weeks this is very small. I realized that I had to try harder.