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wanna speak real German from your first lesson sign up for your free lifetime account at German pod 101.com hi everyone welcome to German top words today we'll be learning about 10 phrases to help you in an emergency all right vegetables and ZD bullets I better wolfin Z D pullets I call the police please yeah so if you got caught in an emergency then you can just say to someone call the police please having the FIBA having Z FIBA do you have a fever so if someone's not feeling well or looks really sick or if you're at the doctor then he might ask happen Z FIBA each hammer mine and I suppose velu oven ich hab mine on izip as for luan I lost my passport I at once thought I had lost my passport but then likely a found it in my suitcase though I was safe nothing at Bobby's habitat was nice to see a guessin Glauber each habitat was slashed us guessing I think I ate something bad so when you're not feeling well when your have a stomachache then he would say you should always have that rush let us be guessing which Papa and Ann asked ish well her Aylin asked I need a doctor if you want someone to call an ambulance then you would be like ishbal her and asked but that sounds really really urgent he's fainted in weakness ellipse a minor hotel ich finde in week niched so look so my name hotel I can't find the way back to my hotel so if you're for example in a foreign country and you took a walk and you got lost suddenly then you could go to some person and say it's gonna invade me select a man hotel can you help me please Kennedy me - yep just an uppity Indian a gift as ina apotheke in their nail is there a pharmacy nearby so in Germany there are many different pharmacies they're called a boutique like zone and a boutique or something a boutique they all have different names and it's also a very common occupation to be an abuti cur to be a pharmacist acaba mr. Lawson ich harbour wish for love I lost but then you could add can you help me please Kenzie my husband is Paul and I'm Trenton wagon ish Paul her einen Konkan bargain I need an ambulance when something really really bad happens like you broke your leg or your suffering under really really bad pain then you would say behind and crankin bargain or candy einen kangaroo can you please call an ambulance the turbofan dd forev a better - Z D FOIA bear please call the fire department if you see a fire somewhere if your house is burning then save someone pitiable from city forever or just fire there okay so these are ten phrases to help you in an emergency I hope you will never use them I don't want you to get caught in an emergency if you liked this video please subscribe to the channel and like the video don't forget to check out our website German pot 101.com by piece