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want to get cheat sheets audiobooks lessons apps and much more every month for free just click the link in the description to get your free language gifts of the month hey what's up everybody I'm Henrique welcome to new episode of German folk 101.com today I have a very coolest employee a very interesting very important I'll teach you top ten prices you'll need to go on a date so if you've ever thought on maybe going out on a date with a German it might be very interesting stuff oh yeah let's go you know just to Mia album testing in what you like to go out to dinner with me most is to make me Adventist in game would you like to go out to dinner with me so yeah classic question for first date if you not sure what you want to do with a person really just spend time with her getting to talk to someone about each other that's the classic going out for dinner so you can ask hey would you like to go get dinner with me miss just to make me I'm just meeting the most classic question probably for a first date huh ask you didn't often end up site are you free this weekend has to diesel spoken end it side are you free this weekend so after you finished your first date probably and it's been nice you can go step forward and ask hey let's meet this weekend I don't know there's some fun activity out in the woods or go shopping whatever but first you need to know is this person free on the weekend so you should ask a I am free this weekend has to do this Bachmann decide nice just to make me a tight coupling would you like to hang out with me mistress to make me a tight coupling would you like to hang out with me yeah this is just really general also totally if you don't know the person as well it's much um and you just want to go hey this is person interested in hanging out with me you could ask you want to spend time with me mesh this to make me a tight coupling or if you want to make it sound a little bit more slangy you should ask Yap hanging like really literally you wanna hang out with me up in this hangout so yeah he's away the mall class he's like mr. Smith side coupling or just like a little bit more cool Hey nice to meet ya ping what it probably depends on the age if you're rather in your thirties forties upwards you would probably ask for some time side whereas when your teenager just like cool say my sister make me a ping do best soldiers you are so cute do bestow this you're so cute it's a nice compliment or if like you're painting having a date with a cute person and I don't know you're really having fun then you can just like let the slip on my gosh you're so cute like I'll do the Susie's it's not that works pose for boy/girl girl/boy but can be cute do this Woodhouse you look great do these good outs you look great yeah this is what you say when you meet the person to go on the date and probably most person who dress up a little bit I put some put some makeup on with the high hat on I can see us all right and then you have to appreciate all the efforts to person to us to look pretty just give him a compliment hey whoa you look great this is good us they will appreciate that's why intolerant that was a great evening thus far in toda Arvind that was a great night apparently he don't say this in the beginning of the evening you said in the end of the evening and if you enjoyed your time just let the person know I always like to hear that people enjoy at the time with me when I'm when I'm on a date or when when I just in time my friends and then in the end I say whoa that was a cool knife and everybody not a cool way a good time so why not just sing it if you hadn't eaten a house of happen I will drive you home each we added is not how you found I will drive you home if your gentlemen you should do this or gentlelady if you driver for the night um just offer ya bring me home Germany's a safe country so we have nice public transports but of course if you in a day you want to show how you're old I I'm gentle man or I'm a nice lady I Drive your home I track your home to make it easier for you Van Dyne be honest Morgan captain what time shall we meet tomorrow Young's mom Stephanie what time shall we meet tomorrow yeah apparently you've already set up a date but you don't know what time you gotta meet or where you want to go whatever then just to clarify you asked question hey what what time do we meet them all I'm probably going to ask this very often because I'm not so good and remembering dates times all this kind of stuff disappears from my memory so I will do I'll use the sentence a lot man clapping hands to the hips it-- what time showing you can be on three dozen can I see you again couldn't be honest wiedersehen can I see you again also yeah if you if you like to date if you like the person you want to see you again just people I hate couldn't go in Sweden can ask it in a cute way and then the person thought we can't even say no idea but so it's to fund is mod what do you think of this place it's to fund is what what do you think of this place if you found a nice spot then so just hey let's stay to use example in my city where it's like a little bit in a mountainous area yeah I know Swiss and Austrian people with disagreeing questions like you know huge mountains it's more like heels but anyways if you if you go a little bit opera here open there's a nice spot where you can oversee the entire city and that's why many people it takes a days so you could you could make it seem just like casual if I'm oh hey what do you think about this place not like plan all the time even though probably the person will appreciate if you put that thought and there you go so it's nice to ask the debate if she likes the place you took her or him like whatever you prefer already the end I mean you notice the sentimos we use in Germany are basically the same that I used in in America or at least in english-speaking countries um just translated we don't have booty a lot different habits how we ask the Goron date so this should be easy for you just find the German girl boy German boy or German girl fight one use those phrases and I bet you will have some success to to go on a date I hope you enjoyed the lesson leave some comments if you let me know about your experiences on date Swiss Germans maybe if you used some of the sentences visit Jeremy what 101.com to learn even more German to impress your dates with your German and then I see you in the next lesson touch out you