Tutorial Transcript

Hi, everybody! What’s up? I’m Henrik. Welcome to a new episode of GermanPod101.com. As it’s getting summer, I have a special lesson for you today. I’ll teach you 20 words you’ll need on the beach. Even though in Germany, we have a little bit of beach, not that much as in Brazil or US or, I don’t know, Australia. But even here, there are some beach so pay a good attention, learn the stuff, learn your vocab and then visit our beaches. Sonnenbrille “sunglasses” Ich mag große Sonnenbrillen. “I love big sunglasses.” Like this, maybe those. Usually, I prefer those. What do you think? Strand “beach” Juli bedeutet für mich Sommer, Sonne, Strand und Meer. “To me, July means summer, sun, the beach, and the sea.” Yeah indeed, July here is the summer month. It’s when all the kids have holiday in school and everybody goes on vacation to the south, to the north, West Scandinavia close by with Italy, France, all those countries in the south, Spain. So Germans love to travel and within Europe, there are many opportunities to go. Schwimmen “swimming” Er geht jeden Donnerstag schwimmen. “He goes swimming every Thursday.” I like swimming, but also every Thursday really? That would be a little bit too much for me. Sonne “sun” Die Sonne scheint heute. “The sun is shining today.” Well, not really so much, but I mean I think you get the point. Palme “palm tree” Unter der Palme kann man gut entspannen. “It's nice to relax under a palm tree.” Also this will not work so much in Germany. We don’t usually have palm trees, but yeah, you can relax under, I don’t know, an oak. Muschel “seashell” Diese Muscheln habe ich von Norderney mitgebracht. “I brought these seashells home from Norderney [a German island].” I didn’t. It was just laying here, but to show you what I mean, Muschel. Badeanzug “swimsuit” Ich fühle mich sehr verunsichert wenn ich meinen Körper in einem Badeanzug zeige. “I feel insecure showing my body in a swimsuit.” I do too. I wouldn’t wear a swimsuit. That’s why I wear shorts. Ozean “ocean” Die Sonne geht hinter dem blauen Ozean unter. “The sun sets behind the blue ocean.” Yeah, very romantic right? “Ocean” ozean, that’s easy also right? And very romantic holiday. Sunsets behinds the blue ocean. Rettungsschwimmer “lifeguard” Der Rettungsschwimmer beobachtet den Pool. “The lifeguard is watching the pool.” Like in Baywatch. You know there’s a new movie, Baywatch. I haven’t watched it, but I think I prefer the old stuff with David Hasselhoff and Pamela. I know them running and I don’t know where is it? Miami Beach or some beach and saving all the people. Jetski “jet ski” For you, that’s an easy one, jetski What? Yeah, it’s “jet ski” in English, it’s jetski in German. Jetski fahren ist aufregend und nicht kompliziert. “Riding a jet ski is very enjoyable and not complicated.” I wish I could say this. I’ve never actually tried it, but I will love to. If you can tell me a nice spot to ride a jet ski without paying thousands of euros, let me know because I would really love to make this experience. Strandtuch “beach towel” Vergiss bitte nicht das Strandtuch mitzunehmen! “Please don't forget to bring your beach towel!” Yeah, in Germany, this is important if you go on the beach. You’ll find out in my next example sentence why. Strandkorb “beach chair” Die deutschen Touristen legen ihre Handtücher auf die Strandkörbe, um sie für sich zu reservieren. “The German tourists put their beach towels in the beach chair in order to reserve them for themselves.” Yeah, that’s what we do. It’s weird, but if you go on a German beach, and there is like these beach chairs or even these benches, you will find beach towels everywhere, all over the place. Yeah, it’s a German habit. We just put it in there and we say, “Hey, well this is our spot. Please, nobody else can take it.” Sandburg “sand castle” Kinder bauen am Strand eine Sandburg. “Children are building a sand castle on the beach.” I used to love the sand castles because even the song from how I met your mother, do you remember? Sand castles on the sand, I shouldn’t sing. Flut “tide” Bitte pass auf dich auf wenn die Flut kommt. “Please take care of yourself when the tide is coming in.” Yeah, we have quite kind of a big tide in the north sea like in Northwest Germany so there is a very famous so-called Wattenmeer, I have no idea what’s the English term for that. It means when all the water disappears for hours and there’s only this mud really and you can even hike there and explore all the ground which is usually the ground of the ocean, but then seven hours later, all the water comes back and you need to be aware because it’s really quick and people have drowned there so don’t try to explore too much yourself. Find a guide and you’ll be safe. Bräune “tan” Die Bräune hat keinen Nutzen für die Gesundheit. “A tan is not necessary for keeping a good health.” True! You see, I don’t have really a tan. I feel healthy even though. So it’s more the opposite. Be careful you don’t get burned because that can cause serious health damage. And you see, even without a tan, you survive. Schnorcheln “snorkeling” Schnorcheln ist einfach ein tolles Erlebnis. “Snorkeling is just a nice experience.” I’d like to snorkel with some cool fish, also, like, with dolphins or whales or, maybe not with sharks or piranhas. Flip-Flop “flip-flop” Another easy one, flip-flop “flip-flop”. Es ist sehr bequem am Strand in Flip-Flops herum zu laufen. “It is very comfortable to walk around in the beach in flip-flops.” Probably! I usually walk around bare feet on the beach. Flip-Flop. Sonnencreme “sunscreen” Vergiss nicht die Sonnencreme mitzunehmen! “Don't forget to bring your sunscreen!” Yeah, this is very important for me. You see, I’m pretty pale, so I’ll burn. Cappy “cap” “cap” cappy Dir steht eine Cappy echt gut. “A cap looks really good on you.” Uh-huh, like this or right there, swag! What about this? Boost together! I got purple. Badehose “swimming trunks” Es gibt viele verschiedene Arten von Badehosen. “There are many different kinds of swimming trunks.” Yeah, if you thought I will put on swimming trunks, sorry, not going to happen. These were our beach words for today. I hope you like it. I hope you had fun with me, with all my caps and glasses and seashells. I don’t have more stuff here available. I’m not close to the beach so next time I go there, I’ll pick up some stuff, okay? Leave some comments! Tell me what is your favorite beach in the world. I’m going to visit, make my next lesson there for you. Subscribe to GermanPod101.com to learn more German, and then I’ll see you again, right? Auf Wiedersehen! Tschau tschau! Machs gut! Tschüss!