Tutorial Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to German Top Words. This is Alisa, and today’s topic is 10 ways to remember words. Let’s get started right away! Ich höre Lieder und lerne die Liedtexte auswendig. “I listen to songs and memorize the lyrics.” Yeah, that’s true. I wrote them down actually. Yeah, it’s, like, a good way I think. Ich lerne den Ursprung der Wörter näher kennen und wie verschiedene Wörter miteinander verwandt sind. “I learn about the roots of words and how different words are related to each other.” Where is this from? How can I use it differently? I think too if you know the meaning of the word that it’s very easy to memorize. Ich lese, schreibe und wiederhole Wörter immer wieder. “I read, write and say words over and over again.” Well, it’s kind of like school. I don’t know if you remember, but when I learned, for example, another language, the teacher always made us write, like, a vocabulary list; words, the meaning, and how to write it. So I think it’s a really good way to memorize words. Ich schaue oft TV oder YouTube Videos die für Kinder gemacht sind. “I often watch TV or YouTube videos that are designed for young children.” I actually learned English through Harry Potter, which I read all of the books. Ich spreche so oft wie möglich mit Muttersprachlern. “I speak as often as possible with native speakers.” I really recommend this because native speakers are very natural in their way of even talking, the body language so I think if you have a chance to talk to native speakers about your everyday life, that’s the best way actually to study a language. And of course on the side, you should study grammar and all the important things so you can actually talk to the native speaker as well. But I think it’s one of the best ways too to remember and just get the everyday life language. Ich verbinde neue Wörter mit Wörtern die ähnlich in meiner Muttersprache klingen. “I associate new words with words that sound similar in my native language.” Yeah, I think that’s something that you do naturally actually. That’s what I do in English. I translate it in my head in German automatically and it’s actually interesting to see how many languages are very similar to each other. I think this is a really good way to remember new words and use them. Ich versuche auf Deutsch zu denken, damit sich meine Denkweise anpasst. “I try to think in German, so it becomes natural to my thought process.” Yeah, this is I think a little bit harder maybe but it’s definitely worth the try because your thoughts are something you maybe can’t really control, and so if you really think in German, it just becomes more natural to speak so definitely try to think in German and maybe write things down so you memorize them and use them. Ich versuche routinemäßig die Sprache auf mein tägliches Leben anzuwenden. “I try to use the language routinely in the context of my daily life.” Yeah, that’s I think very important to just go into the supermarket, writing down what you need in German or just your every day when you wake up and just think of your every task you want to do. If you just think or write it down in German, it just makes much more of a difference. So viel wie möglich zu lesen, vor allem Zeitung, hilft mir dabei sich Wörter zu merken. “Reading as much as possible, especially the newspaper, helps me to remember words.” Once you can read and understand the newspaper, it’s very advanced and so I recommend that as well. Even reading in general, it makes such a big difference. Ich verbinde Wörter mit Zeichnungen, Bilder und lustigen Szenen. “I associate words with drawings, pictures and funny scenes.” Yeah, this is something I really actually do because I am a very visual person and I believe if you visualize something in your head, it’s easier. Thank you for watching the 10 ways to remember words. I hope you tune in again and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you! Bye!