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Hey, everybody! What’s up? I’m Henrik Stoewenau. Welcome to the new episode of GermanPod101.com. Today, I’m going to teach you about Top Sad Words. Yes, unfortunately, we also have to cover this part. I hope you wouldn’t get too depressed so let’s get started! verärgert “upset” Der Mann ist verärgert, weil er noch viel Arbeit zu erledigen hat. “The man is upset as he has a lot of work remaining.” I mean okay, it’s very annoying if you have a lot of work still left to do. But others, they love working on it. “Oh yes, I have more work to do.” It depends on how you look at it, if you like your work or not. It can be upsetting, but it can be cool so, yeah, I guess most people are just like, “Damn! More work.” verletzen “to hurt” Es tut mir Leid, dass ich deine Gefühle verletzt habe. “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.” To be hurt can be in several ways; it can be hurt a feeling as in my example sentence. You can also be hurt, as for example, in sports then we would also say verletzt. For an example an injured player in a soccer game, Er ist verletzt. So it can be both like feeling in sports physically as mentally, you can be hurt. einsam "lonely” Die Frau ist einsam. “The woman is lonely.” Yeah, when I hear this, I always remember this one song a couple of years ago, “Lonely, I’m so lonely.” Yeah, I’m not so good at singing so I should stop that. I don’t like to be lonely. I prefer being around people, I guess, the most. But again, as I said in the first example word of being upset of too much work, being lonely can be cool for some people. A lot of people prefer to have a time of their own for most of it and just sometimes hang out with more people. Others, me including, like to be around people all the time and then just sometimes step back and have time for themselves. How are you? If you want to share like your feelings about any of these words, please just do it below in the comments okay? traurig “sad” Er war traurig und seufzte. He was sad and sighed.” We even pronounce sigh. I’m not exactly sure it’s a sound of huhhh. Like if I’m sad, huhhh. Like in German, seufzte. Er war traurig und seufzte. “He was sad and sighed.” I hope I pronounced it right. Yeah, some people overdo it if they just really want to make clear like, “Hey I’m sad. Please take care of me.” Like, huhhh. elend “miserable” Oh it’s getting even better. Now we have number five, elend “miserable”. Heute fühle ich mich richtig elend. “Today I feel really miserable.” Oh guys, I’m miserable. Yeah, that’s all. Again, this counts for both psychologic as physiologic. For example, if you ate something really bad last night, you can feel miserable. But you can also feel miserable because you did something stupid the other day or because, I don’t know if you have a crush and he is not really into you so that can make you feel miserable. Yeah, feeling “miserable” elend, there are many ways to do that. I hope you haven’t experienced too much of it, at least not too often. entmutigt “discouraged” Er fühlte sich ziemlich entmutigt nach seiner Niederlage. “After his defeat, he felt very discouraged.” When you lose so you’re like, oh gosh, I put in so much focus on this. This meant so much to me and it didn’t work out so I am “discouraged” entmutigt. enttäuscht “disappointed” Er wurde von seiner Frau enttäuscht. “He was disappointed by his wife.” I hope that wife didn’t do something too bad. Oh yeah, disappointed, it can be something really minor like, oh, I came home and I hope she, I don’t know, prepared maybe a nice little lunch or something or not, so I’m a little bit disappointed. You shouldn’t be because it’s not the task of your wife to cook for you, right? It can be something minor like, oh, I hope you took a picture of that car and you didn’t so I’m a little bit “disappointed,” enttäuscht. It can also be something super big like, oh, wow you cheated on me, I’m very disappointed. And I hope that didn’t happen to any of you. It didn’t happen to me luckily. I mean I guess, who knows? I guess I have never been cheated on, knock on wood, right? sich sorgen “to worry” Die Frau sorgt sich um die Rechnung. “The woman worries about the bill.” If you worry about money, that really sucks because mostly you cannot really do so much about it. Even worries, for example, if you worry about your kids like oh my kids go to school and they don’t come back, they should be here already then this is super like frightening and you worry. Man sorgt sich. “I’m a parent, I worry about my child.” Ich sorge mich um mein Kind. Try not to worry so much about what might happen or might not happen as long as you cannot really influence it anyways. besorgt “anxious” Die Klausurergebnisse werden morgen bekanntgegeben und ich bin sehr besorgt darüber. “The exam results will be announced tomorrow and I’m very anxious about it.” Yeah! I remember when I had my A level in school like here, we call it Abitur like our final exams from the school. There was some subject I was like anxious about it because I actually tried to study a lot as much as I could, but then it just really didn’t work out so well, I have the feeling, so I was like anxious after all. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine, I passed. I could go to a university, to college, but yeah, like everybody of us that went to school, we know the feeling of being anxious about some exam results coming out. düster “gloomy” Nachts ist es draußen düster. It is gloomy outside in the night.” Yeah, actually for me, this is not such a sad word in this example for instance because I like kind of like the gloomy night, exciting. But for example, if you’re a gloomy person, that’s kind of negative if you’re like always, argh, this is going to be so bad like I can see the future. Everything is going down like that’s very gloomy. Yeah, there is no reason to be gloomy I guess. We live in a pretty cool world even though there’s a lot of trouble everywhere. Also gloomy, it makes me remember this one last Rolling Stone song they came up with, Doom and Gloom. It has nothing really to do with this lesson. I just wanted to bring it up because it’s a great band. I hope you didn’t become too gloomy after all these sad words. I hope I could leave you not so depressed. Next lesson will be more happy, I promise. This was the Top Sad Words, if you want to call it like that. I hope you even, though it was like a depressing topic, you enjoyed the lesson. 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