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wanna speak real German from your first lesson sign up for your free lifetime account at German pod 101.com hi Aniyah here welcome to top words today we'll be talking about 10 phrases to use when you're angry so the first one will be a skittish niched and it's none of your business let's get dish nice and it's none of your business so many people say it by themselves if they don't get too intimate about an issue if they don't wanna come too close to someone so the next one is head in moon shut up so I mean it's not very nice to say to someone had in one last mission who will leave me alone lass mich and who were means leave me alone so this one you say if you just want to be alone by yourself if you don't want to be bothered by anybody but also if you're angry and maybe had a fight with someone and then you just don't want to continue the fight anymore you just don't want to get attacked or offend it any more and you say okay just leave me alone I'll go into my room and please don't disturb or bother me mr. Mishra a pen are you kidding me this is to mich happen are you kidding me so actually you don't really say if I happen that's not a very common way to say maybe they said it like that many years ago or older people might still say foreign Vasiliy mom whatever vas al Khaimah whatever so this also depends on the context you could say that during a fight if you want to stop arguing with someone you say okay just whatever basta homo or you could say it if you are explaining something and but I don't know you don't really you can't find the words or something in you can also say okay it wasn't in this and ad hoc lemma doesn't really matter if it's not that important then you can use that to her off damn it cut it out who are off dammit cut it out okay this phrase can be used in many contexts for example parents might say that to their children if they're doing something wrong or yeah if they don't behave well they just say how often it don't do that just how did it out stop that it's really nice material I don't want to talk to you it's finished material I don't want to talk to you so I would say in most cases you say that after a fight you say it's finished media reading or it's finished material I don't want to talk to you anymore because you had enough it's actually I would say it's pretty hurtful if someone says that to you it can be a long time after you had an argument with someone and maybe someone comes up to you and wants to apologize or just wants to talk to you and say it's finished my dear Layden he said we've got a nice medallion I just don't talk to you right now it's been fair I got I'm upset ich bin forgot I'm upset so I would say you don't say that very often if there was a situation before that made you angry you could just talk to a person and say I am so upset benzo faggot now owned so what now and so what so now on is not very it doesn't sound very angry it can be used in a very normal context and natural way maybe a person tells you a story and she's so mad about something and you say that won't it's not that terrible what are you what are you so mad about like you're so what so what's the matter there is no issue like that so it's basically like so what no big deal ask Lopes to very best who do you think you are first gloves to wear du bist who do you think you are so this sentence you could use if a person acts very arrogant keeps telling you instructions or makes wants to make you obey or something then you could say it was claps - very best like who do you think you are yeah don't don't don't treat me like this I don't deserve it yeah I don't know I haven't heard many people seeing this I don't know if you use that very often but I think it's a funny way you really yeah if you are in that kind of situation and you say who do you think you are of us claps - it ain't you the best I think that's really funny to say it would be funny from the outside to see that kind of situation probably not going if you're within the situation alright so these were the 10 phrases you use when you're angry what makes you angry let us know in the comments also subscribe the channel if you liked it so if you want to see more videos like this just check us out at German pod 101.com my name is anya and i'll see you in the next video choose system next my