Tutorial Transcript

Hello! Welcome to German Top Words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is 10 happy words so let’s be happy and start! aufgeregt “excited” Ich bin aufgeregt jetzt mit euch dieses Video zu drehen. “I am excited to film this video.” dynamisch “energetic” Ich versuche jeden Tag meinen Tag sehr dynamisch zu starten. “I try to start my day very energetic.” I wake up with a big smile. That makes a big difference if you try. Most people are not morning people, but I think if you start the day with a smile then it will be a good day. entspannt “relaxed” Normalerweise ist der Sonntag mein Tag wo ich entspanne. “Usually, Sunday is the day I relax.” Maybe it’s a very German thing, but Sunday is, in Germany, kind of a holy day for family to relax and just be with friends and not think about work or just anything. freundlich “kind” Meine Nachbarin ist sehr freundlich. “My neighbour is very kind.” Yeah, I think when you get along especially with neighbours, that’s very nice and sometimes if you need something, you can just ring the bell and ask for certain things. So it’s always good to be a kind neighbour. Remember that! glücklich “happy” Jeden Tag sollte man glücklich verbringen. “Every day should be a happy day.” Well yeah. Some of you who have been following my videos or maybe not, usually I’m very happy. It actually takes a lot for me not to be happy so, yeah, I think it’s very positive and good for yourself to always be happy and learn German happily. hoffnungsvoll “hopeful” Ich bin hoffnungsvoll, dass mein nächster Urlaub sehr gut sein wird. “I am hopeful that my next summer vacation will be very good.” I think we all look forward to our summer vacations and yeah, let me know what you have planned. lachen “to laugh” Lachen ist ansteckend. “To laugh is contagious.” I think to laugh is a universal language and it just is a good way to start a conversation, or if you’re new somewhere or in a country where you don’t know, it’s a good way to start and even learn a language, by laughing. lieben “to love” Ich liebe Hunde. “I love dogs.” Yes, I’m a dog lover. If you’ve been following some of my other videos, my parents actually own a German Shepherd and he’s really sweet and I really love him and dogs are just very kind animals. lustig “funny” Ich liebe lustige Filme. “I love funny movies.” Well, commonly, funny movies are such a good way to spend, for example, a Sunday afternoon. mögen “to like” Was mögt ihr (am meisten) an der deutschen Sprache? “What do you like most about the German language?” Leave in the comments. I would love to know. Thank you for watching the 10 happy words. Don’t forget to subscribe and I hope to see you soon! Bye!