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Hey! What’s up everybody? Welcome to a new episode of GermanPod101.com. I’m Henrik and today I’m going to teach you must-know autumn vocabulary. That’s something really cool. I love here in Germany and most of Central Europe that we really have four different seasons. That means there is a distinct winter, summer, autumn and spring. Each time is different, and each time has its benefits as well as, of course, some, let’s say, weaknesses which are not that cool, but it’s cool in each season. You can just wait for the next one to come if you don’t like one so much. I think that’s something pretty cool. Right now, you see, I’m still in my T-shirt. It’s not too cold. We’re still in summer, but we always know after summer, it follows, the fall/autumn follows, so be prepared and let’s get started! Pullover “sweater” Meine Oma schenkt mir immer selbstgestrickte Pullover zu Weihnachten. “My grandma always gives me handknit sweaters for Christmas.” Yeah, you know, they are sometimes a bit itchy. She doesn’t give them to me anymore. I don’t know if I’m too old or she’s too old, but I do sometimes use the handknit socks. They’re cool, they’re warm and yeah, on a cold fall day, on a cold autumn day, it’s nice to have some warm clothes and even if it’s self-made by your grandma, hey, come on, that’s special, right? Never forget to say thank you for the presents your grandma gave you. Yeah, never, never forget that! I’ve done that. Regnerisch “rainy” Es ist regnerisch. “It is rainy.” Not really right now, but true in fall. It can often get rainy. I really like it and the super cozy days, you’re sitting inside, maybe there’s a little bit of fire in the oven or something, and then outside, it’s raining, it’s cold, truly uncomfortable outside. It makes it even more comfortable inside. See, some people hate it, those rainy season, I really like it. I’m a big fan of fall, so I’m a big fan of this lesson. Windig “windy” Heute ist kein guter Tag zum Fahrradfahren; es ist zu windig. “Today is not a good day for riding a bicycle; it is too windy.” True, it can get a little bit windy in fall, but don’t worry, you will not get blown away. It’s not crazy wind like tornado stuff they have in the US. When I was in the US, there actually was a tornado so we had to altogether gather in a gym to be protected. That was kind of exciting also, but scary, of course. Yeah, we don’t have that here. It gets windy, but nothing close to be afraid of. Kühl “cool” Es ist heiß am Tag, aber kühl in der Nacht. “It's hot during the day but cool at night.” I think cool was the first English word I’ve learned ever. It’s just like something is cool like, “Wow, Henrik your shirt is cool.” As you know, this one is kind of old, but yeah. The other way around, it doesn’t work. You couldn’t say kühl, the German word for cool, for wow, something is very good. It’s just chilly, really. Herbst “autumn or fall” Es ist schon Herbst, aber zur Zeit es immer noch warm. “It's already fall, but it's still warm these days.” Yeah, also this is kind of typical like when fall comes, there will be more cool days and more rainy days, but there are still warm days. So it’s kind of a little bit similar to the spring. It, like, goes up and down. Whereas, like summer, it’s really more warm. Winter apparently is more cold. But also, this is what I like really about fall. It’s like you never know what you’ll get the next day. On a bad day, the next day can be pretty beautiful. On a very beautiful day, the next day can be just crappy, rainy. Yeah, some people don’t like it so much. I think it’s pretty interesting with all the leaves change and you really know, “Oh cool, winter is coming. The Christmas time is coming.” That makes me really like fall. Erkältung “cold” Bist du nicht krank? - Ach was, es ist nur eine Erkältung. “Aren't you sick? - Nah, it's just a cold.” (Coughing) I’ve got a cold. Yeah, I was simulating, like, people sometimes simulate to not go to work or to not go to school. With a cold, honestly, I don’t have that much experience, I think it’s my Viking genes that make me pretty much un-sick most of the time. When you have a cold, the best thing to do is having a hot tea, put some honey in it, like, peppermint tea, for instance, and sitting in the warm, drinking it. That’s what my mom always gave me when I was having a cold as a kid, I had hot tea with honey. Delicious! Kalt “cold” Ich mag es überhaupt nicht, wenn es kalt ist. “I don't like it at all when it’s cold.” Not necessarily true. I’m rather not such a big fan of crazy heat. I feel like, arghhh, burning. When it’s getting a bit colder, I find it cozy. I like it. Yeah, but fall is not a really cold month. That’s winter here. langärmliges Hemd “long-sleeved shirt” Next one, langärmliges Hemd “long-sleeved shirt”. Langärmlige Hemden sind gut bei kaltem Wetter. “Long-sleeved shirts are good for cold weather.” A difficult one. Yeah, it’s a really, long, difficult word, langärmliges Hemd. Anyways, we have a saying here in Germany. Its' like “Temperature cannot be too cold. You can only have wrong clothes.” So when it’s getting colder, just put on more clothes and you’ll be fine. So that’s what we say for the complainers about cold weather because it can get pretty cold here. fallendes Laub “falling leaves” Im Herbst kann man überall fallendes Laub bestaunen. “In autumn, you can observe falling leaves everywhere.” This is also one thing I love about the autumn, about the fall that the leaves turn. They change all the colors. It gets super beautiful everywhere and then they keep falling. Yeah, the pretty part is when they’re still up, not falling because afterwards, trees look a little bit kind of sad without all the leaves. But that’s where spring comes in and after winter, the leaves return. Blatt “leaf” Next one is Blatt “leaf” Die Blätter werden im September braun. “The leaves turn more brown in September.” Yeah, not only brown, but also yellow and red and green, probably all the colors, but blue. I have never seen them blue, a leaf turning blue in September. But that’s the thing like people always talk about Indian Fall in the US, in New England, but it’s pretty similar here, like, autumn gets really beautiful like all the forests, they are red and yellow and green and brown, and all those different colors. It’s just astonishing, I love it. If you have seen Indian summer in the US where everyone talks about, it’s pretty similar here. If you like that, you should come here also, like, with huge forest, everything turns colorful. Amazing! I hope you enjoyed the lesson. I hope to see you again. Subscribe to the channel at GermanPod101.com. Leave some comments. I’d be happy to read all what you got to say, then I’ll see you next time! Tschau tschau! Auf Wiedersehen!