Tutorial Transcript

Lya: Hi I am Lya and welcome to weekly words. So I am going to teach you French words this week and I am going to just go over them with you because I don't know what they are yet. So let's go! And today's theme is negative adjectives. Let's start on a bad feeling. Triste, it's "sad". I didn't get to eat today yet, so I am sad. La pluie me rend triste. Rain makes me sad. Next one is: difficile "difficult". difficile... Making simple sentences is difficult. I don't really remember French now. Apprendre le français n'est pas difficile. Learning French is not difficult. Hey. Laid "ugly". Why, why do you come up with these words, it's mean. Cet endroit est vraiment laid. This place is ugly. Yeah you can use it for people and places. Sale "Dirty". Mes vêt ement s sont sales. My clothes are dirty. Well, not today, hopefully, maybe. Cher "Expensive" Ce sac est cher. This bag is expensive. And yeah, I need something simple. And the end. So thank you for watching today's weekly words and see you in the next episode, bye.