Tutorial Transcript

Well, welcome back to weekly words in French. This week's words will be *tadaaa* being sick. *meh* You don't want to be sick in France. You don't want to be sick at all. Then being sick. Let's start. First word is Malade, sick. Je suis malade. It's a French song. Je suis malade. I am sick. Je suis malade. Complètement malade. I am sick, I am completely sick. So, malade. Toux Toux is a cough *cough* This is too, right? Quand j'ai un rhume j'ai de la toux. when I got the cold, I get cough. That's how you say it? Cough. Next one is : vomissement vomiting. Nice, I didn't eat yet. I drank too much so I start vomiting. J'ai trop bu alors j'ai vomi. A vomiting, long time ago. Next one is: éternuer, sneeze. To sneeze. Les allergies me font éternuer. Allergies make me sneeze. gueule de bois Gueule de bois. I told you I drank too much already, hang over, gueule de bois. So since I got to vomit before now I have hangover, right? So, Comme j'ai trop bu, et j'ai vomi, j'ai la gueule de bois. Since I drank too much and vomit, I have hangover. Nice! And it is the end of today's weekly words. So see you next week for more French, bye. More French!