Tutorial Transcript

Oh French words, welcome back to French weekly words. So this week theme is the solar system. Something I'm lame at! So first planet would be Jupiter Jupiter. In French, it is Jupiter. it is the biggest one, right? Yes. So Jupiter est la plus grosse planète. Jupiter is the biggest planet. Next one: Soleil, the sun. The sun is a star. Le soleil est une ètoile. Not a planet like this one. Terre, Earth. That's where we live in. Why it's so complicate with everything on earth. Let's be nice. We live on earth. On vit sur terre. Next: Ceinture d'astèroïdes, asteroid belt. How do you want me to make a sample sentence with that? *funny sounds* We are entering the asteroid belt. Something like that. Nous ent rons dans une ceint ure d'ast èroïdes. We are entering the asteroid belt. You should watch Star Wars within Space movies. Pluton Pluto. Pluto is not a planet, but don't worry I am not a planet either. C'est pas grave Pluton, je ne suis pas une planète non plus. Its okay Pluto, I am not a planet either. If you don't know that sentence, just look it up on the internet. It's full of things. So it's the end of spatial things. So let's see you next week for more French words and get this week's list on the website or leave us a comment if you got better sample sentences for example. Bye and see you in the next week I hope.