Tutorial Transcript

So welcome back to French weekly words. This week will be about housework. I hate that, let’s start. First one is… Essuyer, to wipe. To wipe the dishes, so… Essuyer les assiettes. After you are done dishwashing, or to wipe the floor, Essuyer le sol. so you have a lot of things to wipe, even your nose. You can wipe your nose *nah*. Next one is… Laver, to wash. You got plenty of stuff to wash again. You can wash the floor, laver le sol. Or wash your clothes. Laver les vêtements. In French, you can wash your teeth, se laver les dents, you can use either brush or wash. Aspirer, to vacuum, or we also say passer l'aspirateur. So to vacuum the carpet. Aspirer les tapis. because they are so dusty. You also use passer l'aspirateur rather than aspirer. Aspirer is also like with straw when you are drinking and it will be like *vacuuming sound* this is also aspirer. Try breathing for air or you can be like ah… and this is also, aspirer de l’air. Next one is… Balayer, to sweep. I hate sweeping. Je déteste balayer. It’s waste of time because my hair was in the way anyway *errr hair* Sweeping the floor. Balayer le sol. so… Balayer les feuilles d'automne, to sweep the autumn leaves. Next one. Ranger, to put away or to tidy. It also works like when you are tidying your room, it is Ranger la chambre. So the mom always be like clean your room, or tidy your room! Range ta chambre! Range ses vêtements, to put away your clothes. So you fold them neatly and put them in your closet. So this is ranger. The end, we are done with housework. Great, now we can go and enjoy and play video games. So before doing that, don’t forget to check the word list on the website and we will see you next week for more French weekly words. See you!