Tutorial Transcript

Welcome back to French weekly words, people. So what will be this week about? It will be about clothes. Yeah! I like clothes. I wear them sometimes. What clothes we would be talking about today? Clothing first. So first is: Clothing, vêtements. I wear clothing. Je porte des vêtements. Hopefully I do. Next chemise, shirt. So you should wear a nice shirt with a suit. Il faut porter une jolie chemise avec un costume. And be all fancy. Chapeau, hat. Some people say in French that you can have a hat head, avoir une t êt e à chapeau. which means you can wear hat easily and it will look nice on you. A top hat, un chapeau haut de forme. That's so fancy. To wear a hat when it's cold. Porter un chapeau quand il fait froid. Imperméable. Raincoat. It's raining today here. So don't forget the raincoat N'oubliez pas votre imperméable. Imperméable is also waterproof in French. So when some thing is imperméable, it means its waterproof. So you can have des chaussures imperméables, waterproof shoes. It will be the same word. A yellow raincoat. Un imperméable jaune. it's so cliche. next one: Gilet, vest. Old people wear vests. Les personnes âgées port ent des gilets. A brown vest. Un gilet marron. Because you know old people they wear those. And it's the end. So what kind of clothes are you wearing? Leave me a comment in the comments section below or don't forget to check the word list on the website. See you next week, bye.