Tutorial Transcript

Hey watchers and welcome back to French weekly words in France, with me. Let's discover together this week new theme. Its fruits, I like fruits. First one is ananas Ananas, pineapple. It's so exotic. A pineapple is hard to cut. Un ananas est dur à couper. if you don't know how to cut this, it's kind of - Next one is: cerise Cerise is a Cherry. I have cherry earrings. J'ai des boucles d'oreilles en forme de cerise. so cute. citron Citron is lemon. It's fresh. I need fresh. I love lemon pie. J'adore la tarte au citron. In France, we make so good lemon pie that is totally awesome. Next one is: fraise Fraise strawberry. What can you do with strawberry? I have strawberry right here, in fact. Let me pick one for you. This is a strawberry. C'est une fraise. Les fraises c'est bon. strawberries are good. Next one is: pomme Pomme, apple *thank you outside* An apple fell on my head. Une pomme est tombée sur ma tête. And it's the end for this week. Check the word list on the websites and even comment about your favorite fruits and I see you watchers next week for more French words. See you next week.