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Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel! Activate the subtitles at the bottom right. Finally today let's talk about books! So I have some reading tips to give you in today's video. I've done videos like this before, like this, where I give you some advice of reading in Italian and therefore, if you missed the other videos, I will leave the links in the video description below, so you can easily go and watch them. So today I have all these books to talk to you about and I would like to start with these three. So these three books were written specially for Italian language students, foreign students studying Italian as a second language. And therefore they have the typical characteristics of that type of books. And as you see inside it has the chapter and then the exercises, so these are books written especially for students of Italian who want to practice written comprehension. "The Secret" is about Alice, the young daughter of the owner of a publishing house, who does not Luca likes it, a talented designer who is forced to collaborate with her. One evening the two linger too long to work and remain closed in offices all night long; so they get to know each other better and to find that they are good together. But Luca suddenly disappears. Alice does not give up and crosses Italy whole on the trail of his new love. He will discover his secret and stand by him to help him get rid of the ghosts of the his dangerous past. Instead "Poison Spaghetti": a mysterious crime in a famous Milanese restaurant, in the background the city with its most and less known places. Valentina, young waitress in the restaurant, becomes a detective. With her investigations she will not only find the true guilty, but also a new job and maybe love. They are all detective stories. An archaeological excavation is an opportunity not to miss for the young archaeologist Francesco, in love with the past. So he, taciturn and dreamer, will find himself to work side by side with Serena, beautiful, nice and a little curious. But some unexpected events, in which the local underworld is involved, upset the lives of the two young people. The two will be able to overcome the difficulties and continue their life and work together? You will find out by reading this exciting story which takes place in the beautiful landscapes of the Amalfi Coast. The publishing house is Le Monnier, which I think is part of the Mondadori group. Let's move on to novels written for native speakers, then Italian novels. The first one I want to talk to you about is "That day" by Valentina Farinaccio. This is a collection of short stories, which is ideal in my opinion for people who want to read something in Italian, but not necessarily a whole novel, right? This story starts here and ends here. It is not long, and then the book is very small, so in reality it would be 3/4 normal pages. What's the nice thing about this collection, is that all the stories recount a specific moment in the lives of famous people who made history somehow in the world of literature, cinema, music, on the Italian scene, but also internationally. There is a story about the meeting between Massimo Troisi and Anna Pavignano and how their love story is born. There is a story about the meeting between Lucio Battisti and Mogol, which then starts a working partnership that made the history of Italian music. There is a story about Elsa Morante and Alberto Moravia who fall in love with the island of Procida and then from this meeting takes life the novel "The island of Arturo". A really interesting little book. Then, if you are a history buff, you must absolutely read this book by Alexander Barbero, "Women, madonnas, merchants and knights". This book is also a collection of short stories, are precisely 6 medieval stories that tell the stories of characters who lived in Middle Ages, three women and three men. I know some of you know the professor, because they listen to his historical podcast. So, there are history buffs between you! And so I think this is a reading interesting for you. This book is interesting, "Short story of the Italian language "by Claudio Marazzini, if you are interested in finding out more about Italian language, from the historical point of view and evolutionary, if we want. Here starts from the origins, speaks of the thirteenth century, of the fourteenth century, of the fifteenth century, all the centuries up to the linguistic framework of present Italy. I recommend it to advanced students who want to deepen the study of Italian also from a historical point of view. Another novel is this, "Writing is a dangerous profession "by Alice Basso. She is a contemporary writer who is very successful, because her novels are fun, light, they can be read fluently. She also writes detective stories mystery, investigations, etc. And the protagonist of her novels is Vani, a girl who is a writer, but not for herself, she writes for others, so we would say "ghost writer". In this novel the protagonist must create a recipe book from the memories of an old woman who was a cook. And as she reads these memoirs, Vani realizes that the elderly cook is talking of a murder, not just any murder, a murder committed by the her. And hence her writing project we say deviates, makes a detour and transforms into an investigation. And so it's a lot of fun. I know that many of my tips focus on detective books, but because I like this genre a lot, so I tend to recommend things I like. Then, last tip today, I don't want to give them all away in this video, there will be more. Dulcis in fundo. This book is titled "A day in the Ancient Rome "by Alberto Angela. What Alberto Angela tells us in this book? he tells us about the daily life of the Ancient Romans, their secrets and some curiosities. The story takes place within 24 hours, so we are accompanied by the hand in this story from morning until evening. And the chapters are short, so reading is facilitated by the division into short chapters. 7:30 am, secrets to make yourself beautiful two thousand Years ago. how women got dressed up, there are drawings, illustrations. And the chapter is over. Then, at 8:00, "Roman" breakfast. This is also very short. And the thing that I like, and that has brought me to recommend it to you, is that the main tense of the book is the present, of course it is a historical present, but it still is a present tense and therefore easy for you to read. You will find all the links for these books on the internet in the video description below. But try, too, if you can, for example if you live in Italy, try going to the library, okay? I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope that is useful to you. And I'll see you in the next one, see you soon, bye!