Tutorial Transcript

1, 2, 3 Microphone here. So, hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! In today's video I want recommend youtube channels to watch, I recommend Italian youtube channels, obviously. It wouldn't make sense otherwise, would it? So, they are channels that I follow quite regularly, some more than others, and they are all channels that have nothing to do with learning of the Italian language, I watch them for entertain me. So, they are channels that talk about travel, makeup, fashion, cooking, etc., etc. Then as I tell you the channels, I describe what they are talking about. The first channel I want to recommend is that of Marcello Ascani, I'm pretty sure some of you already know him, because it is a very large and very very popular channel. His videos really are interesting, he talks about travel, goes around, vlogs, talks about how much he spends on each trip, talks about how to have a personal budget, we say it is a varied channel, which however always has to do with lifestyle, travel, business and such topics. He is from Rome and speaks very quickly in videos, therefore it's a good listening exercise! The second channel that I want to recommend is the Loretta channel, which is called GraceOnYourDash. She lives in Milan and has one almost perfect pronunciation, so I strongly advise you to follow her channel just to hear her speak because she speaks Divinely! I think because she is a singer and an actress and so this helps a lot in diction, in the pronunciation of a language. If you want to see makeup tutorials in Italian, tutorials though fun, I absolutely recommend to follow this channel. The third channel that I want to recommend is that of Linda, who is called Momoka Banana and her videos are very interesting, because it talks about cultural differences precisely between Italy and China. Her parents are Chinese, but she was born in Rome and therefore makes super videos interesting about cultural differences and his life in general. The fourth channel is that of Diletta, who is called CallMeDidi, and she is from Verona, then another part of Italy, another accent, and in his videos he tells his life as a university, which however has just ended, so now deals with other topics, but the style is always that of a youtube channel of a university girl who made a few trips and who talks about his life, basically. The fifth channel that I want to recommend is that of Gloria Maria, which is called LaRetrò. She is a girl from Palermo, so you will hear absolutely his Palermo accent. His channel speaks of things he buys, about make up, about things that happen in everyday life, it is a very channel carefree and fun, she is very nice. I advise you to go and watch this channel even if you just want to hear a different accent. Because all the people I'm recommending you in this video they have different accents from mine and therefore it can be interesting go and listen to different voices and accents. Because you know that in Italy there are different accents. The sixth channel I want to advise you is that of Alexander which is called Breaking Italy. He is from Cagliari, so you will hear a Sardinian accent. And his channel is practically a comment channel and considerations on what is happening in society, so it is a channel of current affairs and commentary on the news. Then the seventh channel that I want to recommend is GialloZafferano, which is a cooking channel and is interesting because in each video there is a different person who cooks and therefore also here another chance to hear different voices and to see different people who speak in Italian and therefore make different linguistic choices among them. And this channel is very useful even if you want to have ideas on what to cook, basically! I use it quite often. Then the eighth channel that I want to recommend is that of Muriel. This girl talks about topics that are related to the LGBTQ community, she herself is part of this community and therefore is a glance fresh and authentic on these issues. She interviews many people and I really like her approach to the interview, it is very quiet, very peaceful and therefore this helps listening to the audience a lot. The ninth channel that I want to advise you is that of Massimo Polidoro, he is a writer and popularizer and therefore his profession affects his youtube channel. In fact in his videos he talks about mysteries, of plots, tries to make people understand why these very strange stories, these plots are hoaxes, basically. Then, the last channel I want to advise you is that of Irene Colzi, her channel is called Irene's Closet and she speaks mainly of fashion. Irene is from Florence and therefore you will hear its strong Florentine accent when he speaks. If you cannot understand that the accent is Florentine, you will surely notice the difference between his accent and my accent, you will surely notice it, there is a big difference. His videos are very cheerful and carefree and he talks about fashion, so everything about clothes, basically. Yesterday while I was recording the video I forgot two channels that I wanted to include in the list, but I don't know why I went out of my mind and today I was at the computer and I was watching videos of these channels, I said "but hell, I forgot!", so basically the eleventh channel is called ThePillow, which is a boy, Andrea, from Bologna who together with his team shoots these videos in which he goes around the world, around Italy to ask questions ea telling the life of those places is very fun and full of curiosities. For example, the cheapest bar in Italy where coffee costs only 20 cents! That's a very funny video that I recommend you go and watch. And then the twelfth channel that I want to recommend is that of cliomakeup, Clio Zammatteo, she is from the north, but now she lives in New York and she was the first ever in Italy to make makeup videos on the internet, so she is one of the pioneers makeup on youtube. Let me know in the comments below if you already knew these channels, if all or only some, and in case you follow other channels that I don't know or that I didn't mention in this video, leave a comment below because I'm curious to know what other channels you watch! Of any topic, it doesn't matter, Italian channels that you follow. I thank you for watching this video, I hope I have given you some advice that is useful in this moment where we all have to stay home and therefore I hope I have expanded your list of channels that you usually watch a little bit. As I said before, thank you for watching this video and we'll see you in the next one. See you soon bye!