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Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel! - Hi! Today we have a chat and answer some questions you sent me on instagram. - Okay? - Yes, yes. I confirm. - Confirm. Let's start with the important questions. Lazio or AS Roma? AS Roma, Rome all life. Do we want to explain the difference? Let's say that basically in the south of Rome there is more presence of Romanists, because Roma is more a team, let's say, in the truest neighborhoods, here. Like Garbatella, Trastevere, the heart of Romanist supporters. While Lazio is more ... let's say, the Lazio fans are more in the north of Rome, but because the Lazio team also has its sports center just outside the north of Rome. - But I was actually born in northern Rome. - Oh well you're a coincidence ... - But I'm a Romanist and stereotypes don't apply to me of the girl from northern Rome. - No, none of them. because in fact another question is Are there stereotypes for the Romans of the south and north? Yes, there are! They are not always true, as we said, but there are on youtube many videos of parodies on these stereotypes so if you are looking for example: Actual have launched this thing of various videos Roma nord versus Roma sud in the foods you eat how to dress let's say social status. - I really don't laugh at those videos, that is, it depends. - No, they are nice. Then you also hear Roman speaking. Are you both from Rome? Yes, we are both from Rome, but we also say other regional origins. For example, my mom's parents are from the Marches and my dad's parents, my grandfather of Piedmontese origins, the grandmother of Sicilian origins. Dad is of Abruzzo origin and mother of French origin (born in Paris), however my mom's parents are emailians. How did you meet? We met at a New Year's party, at a friend's house, many years ago now. - Many years ago! - We were young, beautiful and carefree. Don't you mean how many years ago? - Ten? - You do not know? - Ten! - I don't know either! A dozen, come on! If they are 9, 10, 11. What is it like to spend more time with your boyfriend? - This is for you. - This is for me. Well, actually, It's not that much changes. - No, because the actual useful time we spend together more or less it is always the same, now there is the convenience that we don't have to see each other go out home. Yes, I don't know if you mean now in quarantine? Ah! Or now that we live together? Maybe he means in quarantine now. Oh well, now in quarantine ... We watch many more TV series together, but when someone wants to do their thing, they just do it. There are times when we isolate ourselves, each one doing his own thing. - Oh well it's normal. Can you understand other Romance languages ​​(Spanish, French, etc.)? Then... - You yes. - I do. I do, because I studied French so I understand it and I also understand Spanish because I have studied Spanish for passive translation at university, so I understand it. You? I don't, I understand a little Spanish, but perhaps because in terms of sound it is a bit similar to Italian, and a little French because being half French - I don't speak it - though having been there a long time, I don't know why, I understand it a little. Oh well, you spent your summers as a child in France. - Yes, maybe because of that. But other languages ​​like Portuguese and Romanian, for example, which are always Romance languages, but they are more difficult, I don't understand them. Do you like living in Rome? - Yup. I really missed Rome when I lived in Trieste, Rome is Rome. Usually those who were not born in Rome has difficulty adapting to the city, not always. But this is often the case, it is a bit difficult explain what it means to live in Rome. - It means having a lot of patience if you have to move, because public transportation is not at the level of other large metropolises, such as Paris or London, precisely because it is often possible to dig under Rome, which is all a historical find. - And then Rome is huge. Pure London and Paris are huge. But still it takes you half an hour (and more) to get to the other side of the city or to make two roads, even in other cities. - And then in Rome you really have to necessarily buy a two-wheeled vehicle, otherwise you will not get out of the traffic alive. - How serious you are. Your favorite activity in Rome that does not involve a spritz. But to do together says? That doesn't involve a Spritz? - We are always eating, we always eat so it is a bit difficult. That does not involve a spritz, then more food! Well yes, let's go directly for dinner, we go to eat a pizza. Or else, come on every now and then we go for walks in the center, it always ends with an aperitif usually, though. Or we go to visit some museum, in the afternoon and then yes, - Let's go to the park with the dog. - Exactly. However at the end of the day, there is an aperitif - there was an aperitif! (Our life is focused on food) outside until a month ago, now it's gone, but yes, we say that in one way or another we always manage to insert an aperitif during the day, above all ... Well actually, when you are free, when you have the day off. So the following question is: what does your boyfriend do? I am a barman, so every evening from 5: 30/6 onwards, I leave the house and go back at one o'clock, two o'clock, so we the aperitif that we always see ourselves making at the end we do it once a week, when I am free. Do you speak Roman dialect? I think so, he says I don't speak dialect, I feel instead to speak dialect when I get angry. It is always a very calm and content dialect. Let's say that the heavier of the two is me. - Yes, certainly. - Then you will have to explain what "heavy" means. - It means "heavy". Yes, you obviously hear, we talk differently, you hear it. Obviously I in the videos I speak a lot checked because I have to take an Italian lesson. Yes, then I don't notice how often I am, how I speak, therefore I am told that I have the Roman cadence, it is probably true because I am from Rome. - Probably not, yes, it's true! But yes, I don't feel it, I don't notice it. - Yes, you have an accent very strong. It feels. - Thanks, nobody ever told me. When I lived in Trieste everyone said "ah but are you from Rome?" . Yup. Because it felt the accent, let's say that for a foreigner it is difficult to recognize all the Italian accents, the regional Italian accents, but at the moment one of us cross the border of the city or its region everyone notices the difference in accent. Which Italian dialect is the most difficult in your opinion? But to speak or to understand? Or both? To understand why we don't speak a dialect that is not ours. Eh, to understand ... if you meet a person who speaks dialect - as they say - "tight", then dialect very very much heavy, without any kind of Italian word in between, they are more or less all at the same level, because if you speak with a Sardinian and it doesn't even put an Italian word in it, you don't understand anything. But the same thing a Sicilian, a Neapolitan, a Calabrian, an Apulian, an Abruzzese, a Molise, a Tuscan a Marches, a Ligurian, a Piedmontese, a Venetian, a Friulian. - Pure in Emilia Romagna. Everyone, all the dialects spoken in a very pushy way, you don't understand anything. Do you learn the Latin language in Italian schools? And do you speak Latin? So, we don't speak Latin. - No, because Latin is studied in school in high school, but it is studied as a dead language, therefore it is studied passively to read and understand and translate into Italian and vice versa. But you don't study to speak it. - No, you study from a logic perspective. Exact. But we are able to translate the writings on the monuments, that yes, almost all of them. Which Italian regions do you like best? it's a question I can't answer, because first of all to answer I should have traveled in all Italian regions. But in any case it would be difficult, because I can't choose. Mmm no, that is for us - at least for me - Italy is not divided into regions, it's all a country, it's my country so I like everything every region certainly has its own particularity, its added value. Do you like the Suburra series? Yes, I have seen it all on Netflix and I can't wait for the next one to come out. She hasn't seen it. I haven't seen Suburra. And oh well, do you want to blame me? No, no, not necessarily. Boh, it doesn't appeal to me. Let's say that all these series that have come out in recent years, so Suburra, even Gomorrah and everything is all series originating from Romanzo Criminale, which was the first series made, say, on the subject. Apart from that Suburra and Romanzo Criminale are taken from two books written by the same author, Massimo de Cataldo, therefore we also have books with the same names as the series, so read them which are very nice. it is a fictionalized story of true successes between Rome and Ostia. Okay, so that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this chat, it kept you company. Thanks for all the questions you sent me. - Do you want to add something else? - No. Then see you in the next video, bye and see you soon!