Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel! Or welcome if it's your first time watching a video of me. I am Lucrezia and I teach the Italian language here on YouTube. In today's video we analyze Italian expressions, which you know very well and probably always used, from a pragmatic point of view. Let's say something that apparently and linguistically we know with a precise meaning, but then in the reality of the conversation and in certain contexts, that same expression takes on a completely different, sometimes opposite meaning. So today we focus on the two expressions "thank you very much" and "thank you very much", which at first glance seem the same thing, but no, it's not like that. So let's start with "thank you very much". "Thank you very much" is an expression that is used for to thank someone and to express gratitude towards someone. Of course we also have other expressions that can be used instead of "thank you very much". We have "thanks" simply, "thank you so much", "thank you very much", "thank you so much". All these expressions, these four expressions can be used to express gratitude and to thank someone. Ok? So: thank you, thank you very much, thank you very much, thank you very much. Beware that here "many" is before "thank you", this is important, why? Because "Thank you a million" it is often used in the sense sarcastic and ironic, therefore it is not used for express gratitude or to thank someone for something they have done. The opposite. So we understood that "thank you very much" and "thank you a million" are not used with the same purpose in the conversation. Let's now see "thank you very much". "Thank you very much" is used with sarcasm, irony, it's not a real thank you. Often "thank you a million" is accompanied by "eh". So change the pitch too, okay? So let's say "thank you a million". Thanks a lot eh. So the first meaning of "thank you a million" is to thank someone for not doing something, so it's a fake thank you. For example, I ask someone for a favor, the other person says no so I can reply by saying "thanks a lot eh". Thank you very much. As in this example: The second use of "thank you very much", which is also added to "Thanks Mr. Obvious" - and then there's another slightly more vulgar alternative you can imagine - it is used for emphasize the obviousness of what is said. If someone tells you something obvious you - in a conversation informal, colloquial - you can answer "eh thank you very much", "eh thank you", "eh thanks Mr. Obvious". Or another slightly more vulgar alternative. As it happens in this example: So, did you already know the difference between "thank you very much" and "thank you very much"? Yes or no? Let me know in the comments below. Today's lesson ends here and I hope you enjoyed this video and it is useful, mainly because it can be useful know this information when speaking in Italian. Share this video with your friends who study Italian and we'll see you in the next lesson. See you soon bye!