Tutorial Transcript

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel! In today's video I would like to share with you some apps you need to have on your phone! Because these apps will come in handy when you are on the bus, on the train, even on your sofa, and you want to do something entertaining and instructive. So I'm sure you will find them very helpful. So these you see on the screen are the apps on my phone, I use some of them as well. So, let's start with the more obvious ones, that you might already have on your phone or that you might already use. The first one is YouTube. The YouTube app can be useful for learning Italian, to watch language videos, grammar videos, but also many other types of videos. I'm thinking of doing a video in which I share a few Italian YouTubers that I watch. If you want to see this video, please, let me know in the comments below. Let's go on, the next app is italki. This is... I'm not opening the app from my phone, because there is confidential information I don't want to share with everyone. italki is a platform that many of you already know, which lets you get in touch with native teachers and tutors. This app will also let you find new friends, it might be interesting to give it a look. The same thing goes for Tandem, this one right here. OK, I have to create an account. But I do have one already, I don't remember my password. It's not important. Anyway, Tandem is an app to find new language partners and Italian friends to speak with; it's absolutely free, you just have to sign up to the app. A student sent me a message telling me that he spent some time in Italy to meet his new Italian friend. Then, the Podcast app, these are the podcasts I have downloaded, you can find podcasts in Italian, it's very useful to have them all in one place. You can also come across my podcast, here it is! I don't understand why the cover image is not updated. If you want to know more about Italian podcasts, I have published a few videos on this topic. Then, the same goes for the Libri app, here you can create your shelf full of books in Italian, Italian ebooks, and you can also purchase them from the bookstore. My bookstore is set in Italian, but you can find Italian titles if you search for specific ones in your stores. And then there's also the section for audiobooks. Then, sometimes you might need to translate a word or a sentence, so I recommend the app Reverso Context. As the name suggests, it gives the context to the word you want to translate, so for example, from English to Italian. "Tavolo", no, table. Here it is, we have the translations for the word "table" can be "tavolo", "tabella", "tavola". "you're obsessed with that table" "you're obsessed with that table", you can also listen to it. (table) (you're obsessed with that table) Then, if you want to have a dictionary on your phone, I suggest you download Dizionario italiano. When you look up a word, he app searches for information in its database, so for example, let's search "tavolo". It searches for definitions in various resources, such as Dictionaries, Collins Italian Dictionary, and sometimes in Accademia della Crusca for certain words. You can also listen to the pronunciation here: (table). This app is free. If you want to have a more of a dense dictionary, you can download the one by Treccani. The free version only lets you search for certain words, for example these ones: "abbastanza", adverb, or "abbassare", verb. Otherwise you can purchase it, the price is really modest, it costs €4,49 for the Treccani dictionary. It's a small price, I'm going to buy it for myself. A very useful dictionary is the one for collocations. The app costs €9,90, while the paperback costs around €20 or €25. Let's see how it works. Lets' search for a word we want to know the collocation for, so for example: what verb do I use wuth the noun "desiderio"? First of all, we have a list of adjectives we can use with this noun. We can say "un desiderio acuto", "un desiderio ardente", "un desiderio costante", "un desiderio egoistico", etc. As for verbs, we can say "alimentare un desiderio", "appagare un desiderio", "assecondare un desiderio", "avere un desiderio", "nutrire un desiderio", "soddisfare un desiderio", etc. These are all the verbs you can use with the word "desiderio", so you can do so many things using this collocations dictionary. If you have a budget and can only spend on one dictionary, without any hesitations I suggest buying this one. Then, you might have a doubt on how to conjugate a verb, so you can use this app. Verbi italiani. You are not sure about the conjugation of the verb "salire", for example, at present subjunctive and here you have it: "io salga, to salga, lui salga, noi saliamo, voi saliate, loro salgano". And you can also listen to the pronunciation: (noi saliamo, voi saliate.) So what's the negative thing about this app? It's that it only has 500 verbs in the database. Then there is the vocal memos app. Why is this useful= Because you could record your voice while you speak in Italian and listen to yourself to check on pronunciation, for example. It's a great tool for self-critique or self-analysis. The last app I want to talk to you about is this, LyricsTraining. The name is self-explanatory, it's an app that lets you practice with lyrics. For example, let's play with "Rapide" by Mahmood. You can choose between the multiple choice and karaoke. If you choose the multiple choice, you can also choose the level, beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert. The expert level is a nightmare, because you have to fill in all the words you hear and it's pretty fats, so it's more an ability test than it is a comprehension exercise. Let's do the intermediate one. Let's play karaoke with this song by Elisa. You know how karaoke works. There were the 12 apps I wanted to share with you and I hope you find this video useful. I hope you don't know these apps already, otherwise this video is useless!! But anyway, no, I hope it's useful for some of you, even if just for one person. If you know useful apps you want share with us, you know what to do, leave a comment down below. Thank you so much for watching this video, I'll see you in my next one. Ciao!