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Salut YouTube welcome back I'm back with a brand new video as promised every week and if you're new here my name is Rosie and I'm in New Zealander living in France and I do videos mostly about French culture life in France tips for expats living abroad that kind of thing as well as some New Zealand culture related stuff as well and some travel videos too and if you haven't subscribed yet you definitely should because my subscribers are awesome alright all that said and done let's get started with this video which is anglicisms gone wrong in French and this is actually part two of this video series so if you haven't seen part one yet I'll link that in a card just up here or I'll put the link down in the description box below as well so the first Anglicism that I wanted to touch on is the word un standing or a standing obviously saying a standing doesn't mean much in English you can say a standing ovation but not just a standing by itself and this English word when you're using it in French actually means high quality or deluxe so you may talk about a nice hotel as having a standing for example I guess we say things have a high standing in English which would probably be a close equivalent so number two are some words for shoes so you've got des basket and these are not baskets as we know and love these are sneakers and you also have des tennis so tennises I guess in English which are tennis shoes or court shoes number three is a string and when we think of the string we just think literally of a piece of string but be careful because in French when you say a string you mean a g-string number four is le training and when you say training in this context it really isn't like a training like I went on a training I had fun at the training it actually means a track suit so if you watch the video number one you know that you can put on a training to go footing number five is a pull which is actually a throw over or a sweater or so when you put on a pool you're actually putting on a warmer layer and this caught my attention quite quickly because for us if you pull it means that you score a girl at the bar for example like he pulled last night I don't automatically associate the word pull with the pull over which is obviously what they're referring to when they say un pull number six was really cute and you can see where they got it from is un recordman which is a record holder I'm not sure if a female record holder is a recordwoman I haven't heard that one number seven is un car yes as in a car and this actually means a bus or a van and French number eight is another English word that we have which is caddy un caddy and for us a caddy is someone who follows a golfer around often a professional golfer and looks after his clubs right but in French when you are using the word caddy it actually means a shopping trolley number nine is just so sweet it is a talkie walkie which is of course walkie-talkie but for some reason I decided to throw the words around in the other direction so if you've got a few kids playing walkie talkie at your house they're actually playing talkie walkie when they are in France number ten is the word fashion which actually becomes an adjective and French so for example I love your shoes so fashion or I love your skirt : très fashion obviously in English the word is fashionable but here fashion has taken on its own meaning number eleven in speaking about fashion is fashion victim this is not used in the same way as we use it in English which is a really derogatory way where we talk more about someone who has a really poor sense of fashion in France it actually means someone who's very fashionable and always keeps up-to-date with the trends number twelve is the word speed so French people might say je suis hyper speed en ce moment which means I'm really busy at the moment this obviously wouldn't really work in English if you say I'm speed I am speed it just sounds like you are on speed the drug you obviously say I'm busy and go-go-go or I was very speedy but you're not just speed number 13 is un rugbyman which is a rugbyman one word which actually means rugby player you can also have this for tennis players so you can have a tennis man but the funniest one of all that you can have is the plural of tennis man and this is des tennismens or tennismens which is just wrong in every way number 14 short and sweet it is the word slim and slim which is a pair of skinny jeans and I suppose it comes from the english word for slim cut jeans or slim leg jeans but it's just un slim like a slim is a pair of skinny jeans number 15 is another sports term which is catch but rather than being associated with a ball sport it actually means wrestling so if you say "on fait du catch" you are saying we are wrestling number 16 and this is probably my favorite one of all time is an auto stopper and auto stopper which is the French word for a hitchhiker and if you've ever been hitchhiking I'm sure you wish that it was Auto stopping but I'm sure it takes a long time to actually get anyone to stop number 17 is beefsteak and beefsteak and I just find this kind of funny because it's the French word for steak and they felt the need to specify the source of the meat that it comes indeed from beef I suppose we do the same when we say a lamb steak or a pork steak maybe but we don't say a beef steak or do we? No I don't think so or at least it's not one word stuck together like a beefsteak number 18 is a speaker and this is not just a regular speaker this is often related to television and it's usually referring to the actual announcer or the news anchor but what's really sweet about this word is that there was the female equivalent the feminine version of the word which is une speakerine number 19 definitely made me laugh out loud which is the word people and no it doesn't just mean people as in people in general the French word for that is des personnes or des gens but here people actually mean celebrity and it comes from the American magazine people so you can 'il est très people' he's very famous he's very much so a celebrity number 20 or number 40 if you have watched both videos by now is des warnings so warnings and it doesn't just mean warnings in general or someone's warning you off something when you use the word warnings in French it actually refers to car hazard lights so that's all guys and I'm gonna stop filming before the Sun goes down on me and I'm talking to you in total darkness I really need to invest in some lighting but I just want to say I hope this causes no offense whatsoever to my French friends out there I know that we as English speakers and I'm sure from other nationalities as well butcher the French language, we're always using your words like touché, gourmet, probably in a completely wrong sense and if you want me to do some research on that and actually do a video on the French words that we use incorrectly in English please let me know down in the comments below because I mean what would life be if we couldn't giggle about these kinds of differences so I'll leave you here for now I had fun I hope you had fun too until next time I'll see you soon A bientôt !