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Salut Youtube! Today's video is all about beautiful and unique French baby names that I think also work really well in English I know this might be a bit random because most of the Youtubers doing baby name videos are either mothers or expectant mothers but I just really like naming things I love choosing names for my animals, for my car...I think it has to do with my SIMS addiction growing up I used to love making my SIMS and giving them names I've also tried to go for slightly less common names because we all know about Aurélie Julie, Sophie, so these kinds of names I've parked this time even though they are super beautiful But anyway, let me share with you some of my favourite names that I have heard since my big move to France Let me know if you like them in the comments down below or feel free to add your own! I'm going to cover 10 names for baby girls and 10 names for baby boys, so without further ado, let's get started! My first baby girl's name is Isabeau This name I love for a lot of reasons, it's actually an old fashioned way of saying Isabelle But I love that instead of the Belle which means beautiful in French at the end in the feminine way, it's Beau which is actually the masculine form of saying something is beautiful so the translation is handsome I love the name Isabelle so when I heard this twist with a kind of masculine edge to it, it just kind of made me it made me feel like "oh, that's fierce", there's a strength to this name, there's something different about that and I just love it The second baby girl's name that I love in French is Elodie I think it just sounds so beautiful off the tongue, it's like melody but élodie and I think it's really versatlie in terms of nicknames because the nicknames could be Ellie or Dee which are both super cute in their own right Baby girl name number 3 is Coralie and this is obviously a French feminine name meaning Coral It reminds me of the sea, it reminds me of all of the beautiful and diverse colours you see in coral reefs And in terms of the way it sounds, I think it's a more modern twist on a name like Aurélie for example French baby girl name number 4 is Emmeline and this is a beautiful name, a strong name I think it suits all age ranges from a tiny toddler to an older and professional woman for example But it's still got very cute nicknames like Emmie or Em French baby girl name number 5 and I know that this is a very traditional name But I think the traditional names are coming back and it's kind of vintage, kind of hipster And there's something that I just love about one-syllable girls' names like Elle and Blair For whatever reason, the names with one syllable like this feel very powerful and impactful to me So that's another reason why I love the name Fleur And of course Fleur means flower in French Baby girl name number six is Margaux and I did have a few Margot's around me at school growing up so I know that this is maybe one of the more popular French names But I love the spelling with the X at the end. This particular spelling with the X has been made popular by the Supermodel, actress, Tragic Hemmingway grand-daughter Margaux The original spelling of her name was the classic Margot but she changed it to Margaux when she heard that her parents were drinking a bottle of Château Margaux on the night she was conceived French baby girl name number 7 is Floria and the meaning of the name Floria is 'flowering' or 'in bloom' There's also the similar name Flora which I think is really under-rated, I love that name And I think with Floria or Flora, they sound unique but they've got that kind of old-fashioned, traditional edge and it's not difficult for people to spell which is also important I think French baby girl name is Inès, okay this one is more high risk of getting butchered in English and just saying Innis but Inès is a super classy name, ask any French person, I'm sure they would agree that Inès is a very beautiful, feminine and strong name and it often makes people think of a very famous French model and Fashion Designer Inès de la Fressange and sorry if I totally butchered that name The risk here is around the pronunciation but if you can get that sorted it is a very lovely French baby name French baby girl name number 9 that I really love is Mathilde and this one's a little bit more common and the English equivalent is Mathilda. I think it's a really nice twist on a name like Mathilda But I think Mathilde said and spelt in the French way is super cute and I really like the nicknames that can go with this name as well, for example Mattie or Tilly French baby girl name number 10 is Eloise, I love this name! For me Eloise is a very sweet and pretty version of a more mature name like Louise. It kind of sings on the tongue and I love it in both English and French Okay so moving on to boys names and the no.1 name that I love is Sébastien and I know that this is a relatively common name in France actually, but I love this name and needed to keep it on the list It's obviously a name that already exists in English but I think that it's a very handsome name and if you do it with the French spelling with the TIEN at the end and not the TIAN you kind of encourage people to say it in the French way. It's a name that has a sweet meaning - to have a deep admiration or respect for something And again I love the nickname here - Seb Boys name number 2 that I really like is Benoit. I think it's a nice alternative for a name like Benjamin It's traditional and relatively common in French but I think it sounds very sophisticated in English So if you're looking for a name to go with 'Ben' I think Benoit could be a nice alternative for English speakers Baby boy's name number 3 is a name that's coming back in a big way in France at the moment and that is Gaston. Maybe you're a little bit like me and you can't help but think of the arrogant Prince in Beauty and the Beast but I still think that's no reason to not give this very strong and masculine name a shot French baby boy name number 4 is Etienne and Etienne actually means a garland or crown I just think it rolls off the tongue really nicely and what's important is that in English it really preserves its French pronounciation and I just think in English it sounds really classy - Etienne French baby boy name no. 5 which I had actually never heard of before moving to France is Loïc So there's a lot of debate around the origins of this name but there is a common agreement now that it comes from Provence in France and it's actually the old provençal form of Louis in which case it means 'Famed Warrior'. I think it's original, I think it stands out on its own With Loic it sparks curiosity, you wonder where it comes from, it almost sounds like it could be coming from Scotland or Ireland or Norway, why not? So I think it's an interesting name without giving the kid a name that's kind of crazy and super hard to spell Baby name number 6 which I hear a lot more over here than I did back home is the name Fabien The name Fabien is actually an old Latin name and the original meaning of the name is Bean Farmer which is super cute on it's own and the French meaning is actually a derivative from the Roman Clan Fabius but whatever the meaning is I think that it is a strong yet elegant name for your little boy Baby name number 7 is the name Jasper Jasper is a baby name of French origin and it originally means Jasperstone and Jasperstone is a stone/crystal with a deep red colour to it I like the name Jasper as an alternative to Casper and think it works well in French and English Baby name number 8 is Marcel and I love this name it sounds SO French I love the spelling of this name, I think it comes across as traditional but modern at the same time I think it works really well from a little toddler to an eldery man - little Marcel as a little toddler super cute and then Marcel as an older man seems quite refined Baby boy name no. 9 is Maxime. I think we all know and love the name Max, a very common and very cute name for a little boy, but for the longer name we often think of Maximus or Maxmillian so I think Maxime is a nice alternative to those two more common names and in French the meaning of the name Maxime is 'The Greatest' so you can't do much better than that! Baby boy name number 10 is the name Louis and yes this is a very common name in France There were countless kings named Louis which is maybe why I find this name so chic but I think this is just a lovely baby boys name Obviously in English there may be some confusion with people calling him LouiSS but perhaps you could change the spelling to avoid that and spell it like Louie. Obviously the one risk is that people think of Hewey, Dewey and Louie But maybe we're far away enough generation wise for that not to be a probelm and I just think it's really important to conserve the beautiful sound of that Louis name It's kind of like the name Felix actually which reminds everyone of Felix the cat and that's a shame because it's another name that I adore in French and in English Cool so that's all from me for this time guys, those are my favourite boys names and girls names so far What are your favourite French baby names?If you're French comment below some of the names that you find super beautiful. And if you have questions or video requests don't forget to use the Ask Me Anything form in the description box below. Hope you enjoyed, see you same time next week (Wednesday), à bientôt!