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Salut Youtube today you are going to come with me and we're gonna learn French fast! I'm actually here with my French professor Aurélie and we've come up together with an amazing plan which is how to learn French super quickly because in the next three months I need to up my level of French a lot because I'm going to be passing my DELF B2 exam if you're actually looking for a French professor in Paris or anywhere in the world I definitely recommend orally because she actually specializes in French courses online as well. You can find me on my website which is called Parisoclock.com you can find all the info there. Sharing my love for French and the French culture is a passion. I myself love languages I've been living in Mexico Germany and the u.s. so I really love learning a new language and helping people who are also passionate about languages so I'll be happy to help. It has just been so useful to have things fall into place and it's made a huge difference so I can definitely 10 out of 10 would recommend so without further ado let's get into the video which has our hacks or our tricks to learn French as quickly as possible from 0 up to conversational and strong intermediate within six months if you're living outside of France and as quickly as three months if you're living already in a french-speaking country So we've been working on a concept of how to place a little bit of French in your everyday life we truly believe that we have 15 hours a week you will be able to improve your French so 15 hours a week my sounds like a lot of time it sounds like a lot but we have some really good tricks that will definitely help you the first thing that you could definitely do is to put some French in your daily habits by listening to podcasts it's about taking those rituals that already exist. We assume that 30 minutes per day in the morning you're either doing some sport or you're listening to music or something while you're getting ready in the morning or you're on your way to work or school whatever it is but we assume you have 30 minutes in the morning there are some very good podcasts in French so it's on your phone you put your headphones and you're ready to go. So we have some recommendations, so actual podcasts to learn French the first one is coffee break French and this is a podcast where they actually take someone who speaks no French at all and the first season is about teaching her all of the basics and so you'll learn along with her and then you've got season 2 3 & 4 which become more and more advanced then we also recommend listening to podcasts for enjoyment on topics that you're actually passionate about and I'm gonna put a link down in the description box below with a list of 30 podcast ideas to get you started The second thing that you can do is try to think about what you like to do in your free time in the evening things that you would normally do maybe you like to watch the series maybe you like to watch a movie maybe you like to watch some YouTube videos things that you would normally do and try to do this in French for instance I am really interested in in health and food in in veganism so right now I'm watching videos about this topic doing it in another language of course it is a way to practice this language so find a particular theme that you're really interested in that you're passionate about that you want to learn more about and try to find videos in French. Exactly a lot of the youtubers out there subtitle their videos for example even me I do all of my videos subtitled in English and in French we'll put some ideas for youtubers to check out Netflix it's pretty easy you just have to switch the language to French you can put the subtitles either in English or in French depending on your level think about your other rituals, do you watch the news every evening? Why not watching the global news in French? And you know do you like to listen to music while you're cooking in the evening maybe? You could change it to French music and again we'll link down in the description box below some nice French music that you can start listening to. All of these things add up. We say that you can find easily one hour per week night you know Monday to Friday to be able to integrate French into your daily routine so that's another five hours on the counter Another idea to make things really stick is to play with these kind of applications that we have available to us so what I would recommend is to take something like Duolingo or Babbel and to do it 15 minutes a day seven days a week so where do you find those magical 15 minutes because we're all very time poor well what I would do is in the morning if I had a coffee break I would take my coffee by myself and I'll do a little bit of work on my app before going back to the my desk also something yet you can do on your commute home this kind of thing I think 15 minutes we can find relatively easily seven days a week so now let's move on to what you can do at the weekend when you have more time so something that you could do if you like to watch movies is watch moving French of course and maybe if you're a beginner you can start with something easy like for instance a Disney movie if you like Disney movies or anime movies and then once you've reached a higher level you could switch to a regular movie something that just came out and that you be wanting to watch anyway. exactly and this is perfect because I remember what it felt like to be a beginner I chose films like The Lion King because I knew the storyline off By heart it's almost like watching a film with no sound and then you just see what's happening and you know what's gonna happen it's the storyline but you don't realize but you're actually absorbing a lot of French and a lot of little words here and there like a puzzle you know bit by bit you'll start to understand more and more and more it was gonna come and I'm so sorry you knew it was coming the French grammar yes its toughest it's complicated but all we're asking for to add to the counter is two hours per week it depends on how you like to learn but this - do you want to explain what this is? - yeah this is like a Bible, even for French people when we were little at school and we need to learn French grammar as well that's what we use it's very very well done it's very precise you find all the rules that you really need to know if you are someone who enjoys rules and you're someone who likes to write things down and learn things off by heart and this kind of thing this really is you know as Aurélie said it's the Bible so you can't do much better than this it's very detailed. If you're someone like me and you need something very practical I need to do the exercises I can read you know the rules and it doesn't make sense to me and then I start doing the exercises and things start to click and so I use this book which is Grammaire progressive de français and actually you have the beginner intermediate and advanced levels and it's just there's like one page of explanation and then it jumps into exercise after exercise after exercise and you've got the answers there are lots of let's say more fun books out there like there's this book the frequency dictionary of French is the most 5000 most frequently used for each words for example if you're someone who just wants to jump into conversation doesn't really care about the academic side and just wants to get going something like this might suit you a little bit more. There are loads of options out there I'll put all of the links to these down below in the description so you can buy them if you'd like but there is something I think important would you say as a French professor about learning the basic yes you cannot go around you need to know the foundation it's the foundation of your knowledge of French and then you move on to other fun stuff but the fun stuff needs to be connected to the to the foundation to the grammar. At the end of the day it all comes back to speaking to practicing to just speaking speaking speaking so conversation is really key here for you to improve your French so this will take just one hour per week there are tons of things you can do hardly anywhere in the world you will find a French club you'll be meeting people will be really happy to practice and speak with you maybe they were gonna exchange let's say Rosie was to join she will speak English and then the people speak French to her. It's called "Franglish" I think in Paris, the language exchanges, and it's like speed dating but language speed dating. And if you don't have access to such a club you will find tons of websites online some will be free to be an exchange also that works both for speaking and for writing because there also you know web sites where you can find French pen pals for example and this kind of thing that's why we said at the start that this plan will get you up to a conversational level easily in six months if you're outside of France but if you're in France it's only three months because you have so many opportunities to speak that it should all come together a lot quicker. Just one note on the speaking and I know it's so easy to say and harder to do in reality and I was a huge victim of this I'm speaking of experience like don't worry about the mistakes honestly it's like the more mistakes you make the bitter because they learned that much faster As you guys can see we've tried to focus really on free things that you can do to self teach yourself French but I have to say the final thing that will just make everything fall into place is to have a French professor and what we're talking about here is 45 minutes to 1 hour per week for maybe 2 to 3 months and you'll see a world of difference this person will follow your progress there will identify the points that you need to work on they will adapt their class to your specific needs with a one-to-one relationship it's really it's really helpful and it's really I think it goes faster for you to improve because it's really focused on on what you personally need if you're super serious about investing and learning French and becoming fluent to the point where you can converse with native speakers I think it's definitely money that you won't regret spending you know you've got French professors like Aurélie who actually don't need to even live in your town you can do it by Skype and we have no problem paying you know X dollars monthly for our gym membership, think about it this way you're training your brain to be able to have a brand new skill and a new language it's like it's like buying a gym membership for a few months to get nice and fit in French! Cool so I hope you guys enjoyed this plan I'm going to be doing this plan myself I've got big goals I'm passing this exam in July this year so I'm gonna do a check-in video in three months time and we can see how much progress I've made compared to the video that I filmed in French which I will link up below you can check that out here and we can do a compare and contrast I'll speak in French during the video and you tell me if you see the progress that I've made I hope that helps you guys I hope it inspires you to get really serious about learning your French and that dream that you want to make your reality if you guys have any questions if you have any suggestions for the other learners and you know who are watching this video please put a comment down below we can carry on the conversation down there and help each other out but until the next video I'll see you guys next time happy French learning and à bientôt, bye!