Tutorial Transcript

Salut YouTube, hi! I love how I say salut and you say hi I’ve got a very nice French person with me who's willing to play the victim Because I have this video that I wanted to do for a while kind of forcing a French person to say some really difficult words in English. Tell them a little about yourself. So I Marine, I'm French as you said, I also have a YouTube channel And we're gonna do a bit of a challenge Involving songs, I'll link that down below It will be on Marine’s channel, which is constantly positive. So I have got The ultimate list so shall we go for it, okay You go first. Oh ok so Comfortable. oh you're really good at this one. Yeah, yeah comfortable so to be comfortable my boyfriend says Com-for-table and people want to pronounce every syllabe. Like com-for-table but you can just say comfortable I think the tricky thing it's maybe like the sound P before the M comfortable. Oh comft, yeah Okay. On to the next one. Umm ok. Shenanigans yeah that was good. Shenanigans. It’s she or shé? She. Shenanigans, shenanigans ? Shenanigans. Okay. Have you heard of this word blow? No. Oh, okay Its like Michael, he's up to his usual shenanigans like he's up to his usual tricks. Oh okay. Yeah. That's a tough one sixth Yes, I know. I I know that I'm like trying to pronounce it well. The sixth. yeah, it's more difficult when you put it in a sentence This is tough. So you got the first second the third the fourth, the fifth and the sixth even the fourth. if you if you put on your best French accent, what would it be like? sixth sixth yeah, yeah Ok this is the one i never knew how to pronounce So I would say through-oubt yeah, okay, is that right? It's throughout, throughout? Yeah, oh ok. Throughout yeah you don’t pronounce the T. Yeah. Throughout. So throughout time Okay, okay. Or all throughout the dinner, he was picking on me or whatever, in my Face. Ok I need to learn this one. Yeah ! Ok ane-mone. Ok. Anemone. But I like ane-mone, it sounds like a Pokémon. It’s cute. Ane-mone !Oh is that the flower? Yeah. Ok for us, it’s the ses creature. Anémone. Oh ok. So how did you say it? Anemone, anemone ? Anemone. Oh ok. Anemone yeah Alright I know this one, brewery?Yeah brewery. You have to work brewery. Yup, brewery. The W then the R is quite hard for me . Yeah I Know this one. Hedgedog. No Hedgehog. Yes, it's hedgehog. Hedgehog The H for us it's not ,in general, not natural for us. Ok, rural? Yeah! You’re good ! Yeah but I'm I'm thinking of it. Your natural Rs are deep in the throat. Yeah, for it’s Rural yeah, yeah, and I think the U sound. Like instinctively I would say rural but we’re like rural. Yeah, yes Oh, ok. Flabbergasted? Yes flabbergasted flabbergasted What does it mean? it means like shocked. like when she said that I was flabbergasted You you so shocked, you can’t even speak, okay? Well I am currently flabbergasted. Flabbergasted, flabbergasted. Ok. Epi-toome. okay, this one is ipi-toome? epitome, epitome. yeah, wow! What does it mean. Like she's the epitome of class. Okay, yeah, this one is tricky Because I would say col-nel, but I know that's not right. It’s kind of an R sound. Colonel, something like that. Yeah, it's that. Colonel, colonel? Yeah exactly. But why? Because of the L. Yeah it’s not colo-nel but it’s colonel. I never said there was logic to the English logic. I never promised that! I don’t even know what it means. Is it the first time saying this word ? best I'm saying is good yeah, like the first time I read it. Yeah, I would say like for me goo-ge okay. It's gauge gauge? It means measure, but we use it more in a context like if you're in the business world and you're like hmm I need to gauge how he feels about it Okay this one I know, it's the height? yes. Height. But again you have G and H and you don't pronounce it Don't get me started on having landed on a word and not pronouncing it. Ok. Thank you very much. Okay. I will win this battle.Ok Arkin-sas. okay, Arkensas. Arkensas. Arkansas yeah. There’s an S. I know there no logic but it’s Arkensas. and like the state? Yeah Okay, I have like italien coming out I don’t know why! Mische-nallous? Ok so, Miscellaneous miscellaneous, yeah miscellaneous, and what does that mean? Miscellaneous. It's like it doesn't fall into any category. It's just random. Oh this is a really hard one. Yeah, this one’s just to be mean. Antidisestablishmentari-sme antidisestablishmentarianism antidisestablishmentarian-nisim Tarianism, Tarianism, that's the last part like antidisestablishmentarianism. Yes Drou, you know It's like the farmers. It hasnt rained for weeks and weeks, and you've got a.. drou-w Okay, we say droughts droughts. Yeah. Yeah, okay, yeah Paradig, paradieg? yeah. It's another tricky one, paradigm paradigm? yeah You don’t pronounce the G. Yeah, you just skip over that G. We like to avoid Gs. Don’t we ? Yeah, yeah totally W-h-oly? but there's a W in front of it so W-aolly? No, you know you know how to say it. Wholly, wholly, but yeah like in Holy hell? Or Wholly hell ! No. Wholly, and the sense comes more from the sense whole as in complete. Okay. Like I was wholly and invested in the relationship. Oh! Oh yes! I like this one ! Oh yeah. I couldn’t not, I couldn’t not. I think it’s a squirrel but... Yes, yeah squirrel. Squirrel? Squirrel. It's hard to say it quickly isn’t it? Yes. Squirrel, yeah. squirrel. Yeah, yeah there’s something in the R. I could hear it I feel like I’m eating something at the same time. Yeah! And I’m not really ! Oh yeah. It’s.. You know this one. I know but I don't know how to pronounce it’s a Ch-or? Choir, choir. and for the French who's watching, when you've got a you know a group of people who get together Specifically just for the purpose to sing together they form a choir. Yeah. Dr-ao-ght ? Oh see this one's a trick one. They’re all trick ones. Yeah ! This is when you’re like an architect for example And you're going to fix up the plans you're going to we say draught them. draught? draught. spelled exactly the same as drought with the O. With the A it becomes draught. Draught. Yeah. I'm not sure you have ever seen this word before. No! There’s a lot of Fs in one word. Yeah! Kare-faffal. Yeah! Is that it? Kerfuffle. Kerffufle? Kerffufle. You don’t curve the R? It’s just like Ker. Ker. It’s like Kerfuffle. Kerffufle? Kurffufle. Yeah! And what does that mean? It’s means like If you saw a dog chasing a cat really quickly, Okay fawful. Yeah, I mean it means like if you saw a dog chasing a cat really cooking it's like. Okay. Oh, what's all the kurffufle? Like there's a disruption, there's a noise there's something happening. Okay. Something’s happening that's part of the mess. It's like there’s a bit of a kerfuffle. Okay. The final word. What is it? I want to know. It’s a qu-ayy So this one listens tricky and even Native English speakers, I hear them get this wrong all the time. We pronounce it quay. What quay? It's meant to be pronounced quay. Just like a key, K-E-Y, but it's spelt like this. Thank you for being my willing French victim. Let’s give her a round of applause! Thank you! Thank you! Thanks for watching guys we'll see you in the next video. À bientôt! Bye! Bye.