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hey guys this is Pierre from France and welcome back to a new lesson about French today's lesson is about Forza me which is false friends in English there are many common words in English and French but sometimes there are some tricky ones that you have to remember the purpose of this lesson is not to be exhaustive but to show you the main words that you have to remember of cool there are many others where heat but here are the main ones let's start with the adjectives here sensible versus saucy blonde sensible means reasonable or judicial in French you have to use those words but for some sibling it means sensitive or receptive so be careful when you say just be sociable Allah just so simple Allah you have to say I am receptive to art when you say mid or some sensible mid or some saucy blue you have to say in English my teeth or sensitive so to translate sensitive you have to say some sibling and here if you want to translate a sensible solution you have to say instead show a reasonable reduce use which is the feminine form for reduce you in solution reasonably so try to remember this one next this one is a bit more tricky ancient versus awesome it's almost the same meaning but sometimes if you try to translate ancient with ASEAN it's really awkward in French so here you have to say antique for ancient which means really really old like in English but ASEAN it means just old like an old car an old house in jainism so here is a kind of order between all the word that you can use in French to say old view Austria and otic vo is old and ASEAN is really old and Arctic is super super old like an ancient history so here see to nauseate me zoom you can say this is an old house forgot the heat here this is an old house you can also say VA instead of ancien but here said antique Pope I take a Polish Egyptian said antique book I take a palace Egyptian I really like in English here but here it's like that said notebook I take a poly is Egyptian there is no accent said attic PO I take palace Egyptian this ancient pot was created by the Egyptians so here be careful with antique and ancient let's move on to the next one and this one is bit complicated terrible vs. terrible so ghetto NEPAD terrible it means the exact opposite that in English this cake is not really good so get to an iPad terrible this cake is not really good but here if you use set interior black sido it is quite the same meaning than in English this is a terrible accident a dreadful accident same meaning here and there is one case that is not comment anymore in French when you say just terrible just this word terrible it means terrific but this is quite an old way to say it you don't say it a lot in French and maybe you will find that in French comics or in old books so not really common with your friends let's move on to another one excited vs. exited excited means enthusiasts in French but although Exeter can mean sometimes exactly excited nowadays it means also horny like originally the original meaning is horny but due to the influence of English now we also use the same meaning the same word for the translation of excited so when you say just three succeeded just three is excited just physics et it means I am horny but also I am excited so this can lead to a kind of confusion so if you want no confusion at all you have to use the word enthusiast instead of excited ela don't was just a populist from where ela taught was just a popular song voyage he is excited about his trip he left not with just a Papa doesn't wash so here you can also say just physics et apropos to move away ash but if you say that it would be because of the the end of the sentence everybody will understand but if there is no context it is better to use enthusiasts instead of excited because there is this confusion that can happen and speaking of confusion here is another one preservative which is an adjective in English and preservative which is not an adjective it French it's a noun and it means condom so please be careful when you want to say for example a preservative measure if you say you'll miss your preservative it doesn't make any sense and you will look a bit ridiculous for French people like they will maybe have a smile because they understand this meaning so if you want to say preservative please use the adjective conservative so here a preservative measure you have to say in Mizzou conservatories conservatories is the feminine form of conservative conservative conservative in Mizzou conservatives let's now move on to some other kind of words here are some verbs adjectives is the main category but here some little calories so verbs when you say don't in French it doesn't mean account it means wait I'm waiting for you you should at all but if you want to translate attempt you have to use the word assist it up there is a space between here between assistive and up as this they are for example assistive I mean comfy homes you have to say attend a lecture I see stay comfy house so please be careful with that and here is another difference that personally when I first started to learn English I had really had a lot of trouble learning this pass e versus pass when you pass an exam in English it means that you in French you have to say receive an exam but if you say pass see an examine in French it means that you have an exam so this is quite difficult and please remember so pass see and examine I forgot the or e I forgot the or here but it the verb a curious like should pass an exam but you have to say pass a an exam with the infinitive form so pass see and examine to have an exam and how you see your an exam to pass an exam so be careful with that and then here are some adverbs adverbs there is this adverb which is sometimes a noun in French person like when it's a noun it means like in English in a person or people when it's brutal but sometimes it's an adverb in French and it means the exact opposite kind of opposites meaning like it means nobody nobody's here nobody's here you have to say in yeah person so be careful because sometimes you will be confused but it's quite easy to know when it's a noun or when it's an adjective if there is you know there so you know that it's a noun because there is UHN but here there is nothing so it means that it's an adjective and please note that there is always this negation here in Nia pepsin like it's a couple n and person so here usually it's no but here because of the why you have to say just n but sometimes when you speak French you get rid of the N here and you just say Illya person in yeah person Illya person so this is a common way to speak with your friends but the proper way to say it is with the N here and here is another adverb actual mo versus actually when you want to say actually mo in English you use currently but when you want to translate actually in French you have to say unfit or real mo so here is an example AFET say that you'd black AFET set it to black actually it was a joke actually it was a joke and here another example monitored is pre our hail mahadji monitor this p a real mahadji monitor this pre our hail mahadji my mindset has actually changed so here here no actually and when you start with actually in a sentence it's better to use effete alpha is a lot used at the beginning of a sentence in French and in the middle of a sentence maybe you would prefer to use a real more so AFET city to black movement that is P are here motion read so now I'm gonna show you some nouns let's end this lesson with some nouns when you say leave heavy in French it doesn't mean library but it means bookshop and library it means bibliothèque when you say Giovanni in French it's not the same as journey it means day or day time but when you say journey it means trip so voyage location in English and Lucas um same writing but different pronunciation location is in French position or Plasma but if you say Lucas you in French it means rental so be careful with that especially when you read it then you've got this one you probably know it money versus money money is a Jean French easy word but when you say money it has also a meaning in French but quite different it can means currency for example Europe lujo a chin Burnett lujo HMO net local action money it means euro is a currency but it can also mean change like give me the change for the money so here you can say don't more lemonade give me the change then more lemonade but in France you can also say sometimes change you can translate change with change demolishor give me the change and here is a last one but a bit tricky but be careful interview in French with the French pronunciation interview versus interview when you say until view in French it means interview quite easy right but that's not always the case the opposites is not true interview when you say it sometimes it means you have to say on Twitter so what the difference interview in French it's only for journalistic interview so when you interview someone like an actor or someone or something like that you have to use the word any of you but for other kind of interview you have to use the word on Twitter like when you have an interview for a job you say aunt Katya she are not what you don't bouche I've got an interview I've got an interview she are not watch a porno Pro I've got an interview for a job Jaden on Katya she are not future for Hawaii she are not return poet Hawaii she are not future for Hawaii so be careful with that this is I think a common confusion but many French people would understand if you use if you misuse the words but it's better to know right well this ends our lesson for today it was not exhaustive but here are some example of foes I mean I hope you really liked this video and if you want more videos you can like these videos and share with your friends but also put some comments down below this is a good support for us if you haven't subscribed yet you can do it with the button down below as well and if you want some more French resources and want to learn more French you can go to the website French pod 101.com and you will find more Canton's this is all for me I hope you really liked it and see you next time on the next lesson for more French