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hey guys welcome back for more French lessons today's lesson will be about La lizzle Francaise which means the French liaison last time I talked a bit about it and now we're gonna get further and see all the information about the French liaison so you know there is only one rule the main rule to remember is a silent letter we've seen that before a silent letter is sometimes pronounced when the following word starts with a vowel sound this is the rule here is like here are two examples and gob a big tree and go table you see there is a deep which is supposed to be silent but here you have to say it because there is an a it's a vowel son a up up in French so you have to say and hot tub so the idea is you say this word normally like as if this this letter was silent and gone table then you have to add the sound before the beginning of the next word here is another example now petit wazoo petit wazoo a small bird so here you have to say the T salon T and then Toit's Oh a petit wazoo we're gonna see all the different letters that are concerned with this French French liaison liaison Frances so first let's start with the most common letter that is involved in ISM this is s X and Z but the tricky thing is that the sound created is so with the like if it was Z in French so you have to remember that those three letters when they're used as a resume there are like so here's some examples Lisa Lisa the trees those were the two birds do a zoo then you've got Sammy you remember last lesson it was about four semi full friends for Sammy so here you have to say it and then here is an example with the Z the nezzie see the nezzie see so here you have to say it the nezzie see so in those four cases you always have to do the Z sound but of course we are in French so there are exceptions and here are the two main exceptions and they both they both concern the letter S so when you use a verb and there is a final s that is added for example at the second person singular for the present for example to not impugn two more even pun here did you hear it I didn't do any reason to not impugn your eating an apple I'm not gonna make the mistake not to disturb you so here you have to say Jamal in pom there is another example with an S here it's when you like it there is a plural so you need to add an S here so you say LLL soon allez au cinéma it's some tally with cinema here by the way there is a reason but here there is no Liam in some tally like it's not an exception but here because there is a final s added to the verb you have to ignore it in some tally or cinema in some tally or cinema they went to the fear this is the first case and then there is this inversion you know when you ask a question in French sometimes and like when you want to be polite you have to do an inversion between the subject and the verb so here when you say so til arrive a scintilla are they did they arrive did they arrive so until arrive a here you do the lism no problem but here between the subject and the net the rest of the sentence you don't have you don't say it so here it's you don't say it so these are even here you have to do the liaison like classic not an exception we're here it's an exceptions let's check another example Ave SCA su nuevo did you try this number I they say yeah so new Meho here again there is the subject group you and the next of the remaining sentence with an e better you don't have to say it because there is an inversion so here so until VV VV say yes to numero because there is this inversion you don't have to say it so that's all for those three letters and yeah as is a bit more tricky than the to others but be careful then let's move on to the next sound this is quite an easy one P and you have to say it like a P so you know no tricky rule here but I'm usually words are not that common that ended words that ends with a P the main example is taupe which means like too in too much it's too much so here are some examples pop inaudible hope in allah which means to amiable when you say here you have to say it open up p medulla and here there is another example hope you'll talk pill which means like I'm really happy so here again you have to do the deism but you have to be careful because when you say hopeful it sounds really like when you say talk to her which means like to see see Co Co Co Co like there is no difference even for a French speaker when you say those two sentences but be careful because you can sometimes be confused due to the lady a zoom this is not the first the only example this is not the only example where you can find this homo funny so be careful sometimes when you hear someone you will think of another word but here it's important to know that with the context of the sentence that papaver means over and not it depends so that one was an easy one P but here is another tricky one TD sounds like a t when you do let ears on Francaise the French liaison TD sounds like T you remember I can't tell I said I want out so here is like a T so here are some other examples I'm gon telephone quite similar to that one and grant telephone like a big elephant and go telephone and call telephone you can try to say after me to repeat it's a good training for you then another example and put it oblique ooh petite oblique ooh a little apricot a petite a pretty cool so here you do the liaison can you hear it it's exactly the same sound and grant telephone and petite oblique oh it's always like t telephone Tirico and here is another example like again there can be a confusion of how many homophony like Ella to take any ela to take a knee ela to tagging a here you do the liaison because there is a vowel and he it means like he has everything to gain and when you say that it sounds like when you say toots with an e like in 2000 a like the whole day to Taleggio name but be careful it's not the same word so even for French people that's a really common mistake like sometimes when they're right they add a T here because when they say orally the the sentence there is like like if there is an e but there is not ill a to tag an A in a - tagging a here it's just the liaison that makes it sounds like toots but there is no e so be careful with that tutelage only the whole day and again exceptions in French TD - exceptions you can find first one is with the words a which means end and now sure L shot oh yeah yeah sure a dog and a cat can you hear it I didn't do anything here sure yeah sure no liaison neither here no here no in a shop like a it's like it cuts the sentence so you don't say anything related to the liaison with an E and the other exception is interrogative adverbs so when you ask a question like how are you like how in French you have to say come on come on come on a chilly how is it like question come on a tip so here you can hear that I do the liaison but here no liaison because this come on come on this is an interrogative adverb so you don't do the liaison here same with come-come or if true here no liaison come I'll give true when do you arrive come other if to no reason you can hear it right next the letter or this one the main word is premiere when you say premiere you have to do the liaison if the next word is starting with a vowel sound so here rapport me at home phone the premiere home phone the first child will premiere home phone again it's like if it was the feminine form of the premier home phone lab Kamiya loop for me lab from Yale but here you have to do the liaison like if it was a feminine form the premier home phone so here there is the liaison but there are also an optional case when you can do the liaison but it's not mandatory it's when you use verbs with E or at the end when you say allez au cinéma like to go to the theatre usually French speaker don't say Alejo cinema but you can say it the most common way would be to say just a Leo cinema but personally I don't do the Gizem here but like don't be surprised if someone say it so here you can choose both but I advise you not to do it like just for or just remember premier which is probably the main words that is related to this category and then there is the last one of the common silent letter which is F and here you have to say with the sound mmm which is a bit tricky and the main word concerned with that is enough like nein nein Neff never never which means nine o'clock nine hours like it means both nine o'clock or 9 hours never know so here there is this V sound and there is even though there is an H here because the next letters of vowels in H is silent it means like in F the word starts with a vowel sound it's not a vowel but it's a vowel sound so you have to do the liaison here never know there next here is a new letter last time we didn't mention anything about it in the letter n but here this letter is concerned with the French liaison and this one is a bit more tricky than the other ones there are two way to say the liaison with this letter the first one is like for the other cases a kind of delay of the sound like if you say no nor phone it's like nope so you say this word no and then you do no phone no no phone no no phone no no phone no no for so this is like the others but the second case is a feminization which is quite similar with the or but there is some sort of nuances you have to say bon appetit like if the word bond was written Bon Appetit Bon Appetit which is quite different it's not a delay of the sound it's like if you say the feminine form Bon Appetit Bon Appetit same with this example scepter plus I mean it's quite difficult to say it but you have to say sect enemy with experience you will be able to say it properly don't focus too much on that I was I wanted just to to show you that there is a slight difference so don't be surprised but um that's quite difficult to understand when you're not a native speaker then I would like to show you some forbidden ism three rules that applies for all the letters and that are three important really important cases where you don't do the li ism this is really important so remember them first case is between a nominal group and a verb so here in the example of Lesotho are given per se and here there is listen from the nominal group and a vivo which is the verb and did you hear it I didn't say anything here I did a resume here like it's come on but here I didn't do anything late so fo are given per se the children will arrive from here or from over there Liz on phone I hope I see because here there is the nominal group and here there's the verb you don't say it then there is this second rule singular noun followed by adjectives maybe it's a bit tricky but you will you might get it I'm sorry Attila so an interesting topic here there is a silent T but I don't do the liaison now sue J alteracao can you see the difference between assertion alteracao and angle table here this is the noun this is the adjective adjective noun and here this is the noun and here the adjective so here you don't say the liaison in that case ostrich it antara song no liaison same here I know for only an offer on Glee here there is this theism but here there is no liaison like an English child and no thought only liaison no liaison and the last one is really famous in France like sometimes with H you have to ignore it and the main word is probably the most famous word among French people is re Co like there is a kind of debate about that word gem Li arachova gem Li Eric over here there's an H and you don't say it gem Li arachova I like green beans even though there is a kind of new rule that allows you to say it I advise you not to say it if you want to sound like a correct French guy so here are the three rules you have to remember some words with H or also like that but um re Co is really the most famous one and you need to remember that one I think let's do some training training is a good way to express and to train yourself like to improve like this is theory and now training practice so I'm gonna read the example but before that I would like you to try to say the sentence and see if you can manage to find where there is the liaison so here first sentence did you try okay the answer is illness some possess ago ill know super sassy here there is the Z sound go so here no D so here only here you know some pass a cig ho bit like it means like they are not big enough do you remember it was a sentence from last lesson you know some possessing home so here you know why there is this deism now okay next sentence try to say it the answer is Lizzie guilt ELISA phone MOJ in glass lizard ELISA foe M Moser in glass leaves adult Ellie's on phone so here you don't say it lays adult Ellie's on phone M no J in glass here you can say mo jeff in glass more jae-hoon glass but it's not mandatory you don't have to do it so I'm just gonna keep it like that let's eject ELISA phone Mao Jay in glass children and adults like to eat ice cream like eating ice cream let's move on to the next one try to say the answer is the premier animal qg8 eaten wazoo like the first pet at ever got was a bird the premier animal QJ 8 8 and wazoo premier animal here you have to do the lism this is this case the premier animal qj8 8 on wazoo so here again to lism a theta a theta so this cheese sound Edyta new a zoo here this is M an wazoo the premier animal cogitate on wazoo you have to say it here next one try to say it do to live another so here there is this s which is at the end of a verb based on this rule you don't say it to live another even though there is this a you don't say it and here you have to say it you remember it the only example with F which is V sound too to live another like you wake up at 9 to live another and the last sentence is try to say it the answer is Liberty Erica very soon to civil colleague home Liberty I go there some to civil Callaghan and great the small green beans are as good as the biggest ones Liberty Eric over some to see so here you do the liaison so to see them Kelly go oh C Mon Cala console that's all that's all for this sentence Liberty Eric over some Aussie bow click home here I strongly advise you not to say it they put the mic over some possible cooling home did you manage to find all the liaison if you did that's really good but if you did not it's not it's ok like you will get used to it so so far we've seen the this main rule like when there is a vowel sound a silent letter might be pronounced and here are all the sound s X and Z for Z sound P for P sound TD for T sound or for or and F for hmm so remember that and then there is also this n which is involved in a lot of liaison if you can remember that and those three exceptions rules that's really good like remember three rules sometimes with H when a singular noun is followed by an adjective and between knowing or group and verbs Liz on phone are given you know groups verbs so remember the three rules and all those different sound and those two exceptions among those two categories and if you remember that that's perfect like there are some of the rules some other exceptions but that the main ones and that's really important if you can memorize it you will improve with experience and that's a good basis for learning how to do the French liaison Louise and Frances if you liked this video you can subscribe or click on the like button or leave a comment on the comment section that's really good for me and if you have questions we can answer your questions if you want more resources on French learning you can visit our websites french port 101.com you will find more resources and you will be able to improve your French and that's all for me for today it's it was Pierre and I hope you enjoy it and see you on next time