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hey guys it's Pierre welcome back for more videos on French learning today's videos will be about tongue twister in French year long or foucha long it's not exactly the same meaning like tongue twister is only sentences difficult to say in English but in French it's all it also means sentence is difficult to understand and also French people don't use those words a lot it's not common usually we know the concept of tongue twister but we don't use words to define this concept so let's get started with sentence is difficult to say I think this one is the most famous so I'm gonna read it and I will probably do a lot of mistakes and here there is one s missing to s I will probably do a lot of mistakes but even for French people it's hard to say those tongue twisters so I'm gonna try they should said the luck she uses simple seche washes - so I did it quite slowly and if I try to be faster I will have a lot of difficulties they should set direction you share some tell sexual secesh they should send election you shed some flesh well she says not bad but I'm let's try to explain the meaning of this sentence when you say she said it means like socks sesh it's like dry actually shares its Ark Ark douches or douches and uh she says it's like super dry in French when you add a shit you can it means like super in front of an adjective but I'm it's quite used in French but not always like it's it may sounds not really polite so the meaning of this sentence is or the ark douches sucks dry or super dry delicious said the luck she uses on tells - what'd she say so here the difficulty is mainly the difference between s and it's quite hard to say but this one because it's really famous in France like I think French people can do do that one but maybe you as a French learner you have difficulties to say and no problem even for French people it's still hard so one more time lishus that deduction you chest on the sexual she says they should say the recession transsexual she says you should send reduction you sessions etc cessation so here it's like I started to mix those two sounds so even for me it's hard so this one may be the most famous definitely in French the most famous tongue twister so you can try to say it but um don't worry if you cannot do that but as you can see the sound s and CH is quite difficult to distinguish to distinguish in sentences so that's why here I've got three examples like the main tongue twisters in French or using this the similarity between s and ch so let's move on to the next one which is also super famous I think those two ones or the main tongue twisters in French so here I'm gonna try to say it slowly first chassé chassé song I did a mistake already and I was slow and Chasse obsessions acid was a Welsh acid solution this one is much harder than this one andressa accession chassis to a savage a seesaw motion jutsu obsession Ishida watch this a solution here I met again a mistake so it's quite hard chassé means hunter and chasse it's a verb like to hunt so a chasse chasse a hunter hence session it's like the it's the verb savoir like no - no but here it's a specific form which mean who knows so here chasse chasse a hunter who knows how to end - to hunt so this is quite hard to say because here you've got the CH and the S and there is this inversion here it's ch ch and s and here Ed's and then CH and then the end of the sentence do establish a seesaw social so social it means like without his dog so the full sentence in English would be a hunter who knows how to hunt should know how to hunt without his dog so here again chasse savoie there is see here and the CH in sham and the s in song and in song so this is quite hard so I'm gonna say it once again like first slow s exceptional treci do a savoir Jesse solution yes sir sacrifice it was ever a seesaw motion you see like my like it's quite difficult for my muscle to say that so I'm gonna try to be faster now and chasse chasse chasse Chasse solution Chester Hsieh Gustavo chassis solution a solution here like I don't know if I did it correctly but it's quite hard and I'm starting to confuse the s and the CH but if you can do this one as a French learner it's super cool because it's really hard to say so don't worry again if you cannot do it but it's fun to try and the last one is also as I said using the the ambiguity between s and ch switch shape sous-chef sell sweet sister share self switch to yourself share switch at yourself share it's really hard to say Swedish like it's like am I not question like inversion sure I three um I am a my sister chef sir sous chef Serge is like that dear Serge you can say that in English as well it's like the same meaning that stands for so dear stands for chef and Surgeons a name so here she saw chef Serge it means like at that dear Serge house so the full sentence would be am I at the dear sirs house so once again in French first slowly sweet sister share sales sweet sister share sale okay so far it's okay but no let's get faster switch to share share share share share share switch the successor like it's really hard like I've made a mistake I don't know if you can hear it but I'm doing like a confusion between the S sound and the CA sound this one is also quite hard so I'm gonna do one more time one last time switch to share share share share share really hard so yeah so here so far we've seen three sentences that or using the ambiguity between s and CH when you speak faster it's easy to mixed up to mix up all those two sounds so that's why we have a lot of tongue twisters in French using these but let's move on to some other sounds here there is this one tiny piano it's just two words there is no meaning like it's not a special expression it's me it means like in English by scat piano like basket where you throw you put away your stuff or you can also wear stuff you know in a basket so here's the same meaning pani piano basket piano basket piano so here this is as you can see those three letters are the same here but not the same order an e en so here this is the main feature of this tongue twister pani piano so if you say just slowly it's really easy I need piano but like for a French learner it's use first have you you first have to to understand how to say those words like alone and if you can do it then you just say penny piano it's really easy but if you say a lot of times penny piano and really fast you will have difficulties and you will not manage to do it and I will not manage to do it so I'm gonna do it penny piano penny and open EP and open open open open open open yo and it's really hard usually nobody can really manage to do it like you always saying ene ene peony you add the e here or here you get rid of the e and you add me here so you're you say Peniel so penny a piano but you if you say it really if you say it a lot you say peony fine you yippy Anu here even for that I made a mistake by Nikki Anupa Nepean upin ipin you Benita a new panty panty panty you see I'm saying pan you like it's really hard so if you say like you will finally like you will eventually made a mistake and this is quite short and quite simple and quite famous as well this one is quite famous an EP and Opa Opa Opa Opa Opa nip and you can you hear really hard okay let's move on to the next one this one is not really famous and it doesn't make any sense like the meaning is quite weird and this is Blake Brule brutally bleh so like even for a French person the meaning is quite obscure like bleh stands for corn and really it's the verb which means to burn so here bleh brulee it means like brulee it's the past form of blade of glossary to burn so brutally like present like infinitive sorry and here brulee like it's a buffet so it's a past tense and here brulee blade here this is a subject and here this is the verb and brew it's like present like the corns or burning liberal but here there is this stylistic inversion like there is no specific reason for that like this sentence you cannot use it and it's like it's quite weird it's just hard to say so liberal a brutally bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh-bleh Polly Polly Polly Polly Polly Polly Polly Polly Polly Lily okay this is much easier I think like first you have difficulties to say but when you use to it it's quite easy to say I think for a French person like if you're French learner so it's it may be hard still hard so here the difficulty is there is BL and B or bleh-bleh so blue and blue I think for Asian people it would be really hard to say this like if your mother language is if your mother tongue is there is differences between l and or this is gonna be really hard to say bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh-bleh bleep really really bleep a bleep really really play so this is quite easier thing for French person and here there is also bleep and let lately lately lace you again here again and here you can lick so this is also quite hard when you're not used to French to distinguish a and it bleh Brule can you hear the difference hey hey hey hey for a French person it's super easy to hear the difference but when you you're not used to French it's quite hard so I'm gonna show you the difference once again hey hey bleh bleh bleh Brule hey hey once again this is okay if you do not if you don't really understand the difference but as you will get further in your French learning you will have to see the difference to hear the difference between those two sounds so this one like it's not a really famous tongue twister and it's not a really difficult one for French people but for you I think it's quite interesting if you want to distinguish those two sounds and those two sounds which can be sometimes confusing for a French learner and let's move on to another one which is kind of funny it's a question here like what is in black is not hard to say what is difficult to say is in red but the full sentence the tongue twister is like the full sentence the question is do what Wendy says sesh says says says sesh this is really hard even for me like if I'm slow it's okay but if I say it faster I will have a lot of trouble so here the meaning of that is like should we say 16 dry chairs so here again you've got sesh we found that sesh here as you can see this word is quite used in tongue-twisters in French code there is again s NC H so here this one is also kind of this category a member of this category but there are some other difficulties in this so should we say 16 dry chairs or 16 church right there is an answer for that in French but first let me tell that again what India says do I told you says says says says says says says says says says says sesh don't get such - says I cannot say like faster it get worse - attune yourself searches' yourself says sesh sense yourself says says says says it's really hard like it's so hard for me so here there is the Z sound and also the CH sound the here like say this one e I eat with the accent and a I this is the same sound in French here says says says I don't know if you can hear it but I'm saying the same F so here no difficulty but what the difficulty lies in the letters like the consonants so here s Z s ch ch Z so it's really like it's a kind of level up of like another category of this one like an upgrade so this is quite hard xx says says says says says safe so there is an answer for that one of those two is not correct says says says says says sesh I think like both or like you you understood and I think it's not like dramatically completely false but one is more natural and the one which is more natural is says shares sesh sesh when you say like a chair which is dry you have to say youngjae's sesh inches kiya sesh and shares sesh the adjective is after the noun in this case and here like there is the inversion like sesh says you you are understood and it's not completely false but I'm like if you want to speak a proper French it's better to say this one but like who would say this sentence right it's quite weird says Cher's sesh and even if you want to say that like it's super hot you will not manage to do it probably because I cannot manage to say to say this sentence so yeah so so far we've seen like sentences difficult to say like the pronounciation of those sentences are quite hard and it's mainly due to those two sounds but also like the Z sounds is quite hard and when letters are quite similar but in a different order you've got also some tongue twisters we've got a lot of tongue twisters in French but I think those ones already famous and maybe this one and then it's smaller like there are those two or more tricky so that's good four sentences difficult to say but now let's move on to what is what is a bit different from English sentences difficult to understand to understand so those like there are many different kind of like very long in this category first its sentence is like even for French people if I say it I will not manage to understand what the people told me so here the first one is like it's not easy it's not difficult to repeat what was said but it's hard to understand the which word was a word because here you say sandy sandy sandy which is like same sound sandy sandy sandy three times I'm saying sandy but each time it's different some D like it means some says some says so some it's a name again sandy like Saturday you have you say sandy it's exactly the same pronunciation and then this expression which is kind of usual some ug sandy sandy sandy like Samuel G is like if you say probably like full cements but sometimes you will shorten the word so you will say sandy and it's like in English sounds good like Oh sounds good sandy like let's go let's go to the mall yeah sounds good I don't want sepia marché 70 like super mushy like supermarket not more but anyway so here some decent decently there is not like it's not really funny and it's just like you repeat three times the same sound which is interesting but not really hard to understand but if you say that like personally if I hear this I will have like what did you mean like it's quite weird what you said so this one like it's just to show that sometimes you've got different ways to say like different words can have the same pronunciation like the communism' of of different words can have the same meaning and here this one is quite interesting because when you hear that Kabul and you like if I hear that I'm like you're not speaking French like this does not sounds French when you hear that cab you lando like cab build a new lucky you're like whoa is this real French so if you're not like used to hear this sentence which is kind of unusual you would be kind of confused so if you want to like impress your friends or I don't know like just say something weird in French you can learn this one Cabul and you like like can you like if I say cab in a cab you learn you like do you do you think I'm speaking French like it does not sounds like French capital and or like capital and you like and the meaning is quite simple actually like okay it's like what I can be here there is no accident Cabul and you like what did the donkey drink at the lake at the lake Oh Lac donkey and the donkey LAN drink like dude like the verb to drink what and here it's like the past so did drink so I blew so Kabul and you like Kabul and alike so what is funny in this sentence is like there is the lag here and there is kind of inversion of the sound with car back car back here la la la la so cab you lando latch so here you've got this and this and you've got also this and this so this is kind of interesting so we've got a lot of different kind of sentences like that the next one is quite similar and it's quite famous I think similar to nest volatile at home there is no real meaning in that like the sentence is quite weird but it's perfectly correct like grammatically it's correct and there is a meaning but um this is quite weird if you hear it Sevilla Tunis similar to Natesville eternity civil attorneys village unit similar Tunis village in it it's not hard to say once again is just hard to understand similar to nest village in Italy so here it means like let you it means like lettuce net it's the verb to be born so here it's like my lettuces let uses here nests so it means like the present like prison form of net so nests like parole nests and here like volley to like your your lettuces and then net home which is the future form of of the verb net which means to be born so here it's will be born net net who will be born and if like if and see similar tunas very to net home if my leches are born yo leches will be born if my lettuces are born your lettuces will be born so like as you can see it's not it's not really meaningful but here like usually in French you don't use the verb net I think in the same in English to be born you don't say that for four let's use but like you can understand the meaning if you say it and in French we understand so here what is interesting in this sentence is like there is no specific reason like there is no peculiar reason why it's weird when you hear it it's just weird like here you've got the repetition of those two sounds let you listen a litany and literally is like whoa like kind of weird sound in French like you can you don't hear this two minutes on a lot like that's one of my explanation but it's really hard to understand why this sentence is weird when you understand when you hear it similarly to naturally to Nepal like I feel like the sound is quite weird to understand but anyway so I'm gonna say all those sentences once again and then that will be it will be the end of the lesson so licious that delicious total sexual she sexually she said delicious in such total sexual recession and reception starts it was our fastest solution and she serve such as it was our fastest ocean okay I'm good switch the chef sir switch the sous chef share switch the share share not really easy Panna peon open open open open open open open open open ooh like here I'm element and I made the mistake here blip will available Ibrahim cool equality bleh I made a mistake bleep Willy Willy Willy Willy Willy bleep okay what we access a shares rubia says says says says says says says says really like I think you cannot hear the difference because even for me like it's really close do Jeff says - - audiences secesh and here so it was like the sentence the sentence is difficult to say and here sentence is difficult to understand sandy sandy sandy sandy sandy sandy sandy sandy sandy Kabul and you like can't build a new like Gabriel and like Gabriel and like like usually for those two sentences you have to say them like really fast capelin like Gabriel and Iraq and here simulation is but it's a little simulation is village unit seemed a little nest village in Italy so that's all for today thank you for watching this video and if you haven't subscribed yet you can still subscribe with the button down below and leave a comment in the comment section and you can hit the like button and if you want some more French videos and some resources on French learning you can go to or go on our website French bawd 101.com you will find a lot of new content that will help you improving your French so that's all for today and see you next time bye