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hey guys it's Pierre from France welcome back from more videos on French learning today's listen will be about ten casual questions that French people can ask you and you should know how to earn through how to answer those questions that's important because usually when you meet french people they will there is always some there are always some questions that it will ask you in a certain way that you don't learn in textbook so without further ado let's get started with something quite easy like what's your name what's your name usually you know you learn at school that you said come on table - come on Apple - but usually French people don't say that and they say suitable como or camasta Bell so this is for what's your name chuta Bell como como esta Bell what's your name and the answer is like what you learn at school what you learn in textbook je m'appelle Pierre Juma tell Pierre so here you can see that we don't do the inversion and that we can play we can put como like here or here if you didn't watch the video on casual French you should watch it this is explained there so this one is quite easy like it doesn't really count let's move on to the next one this one doesn't really count because it's really easy but this one is also quite easy how are you like how do you do you know it's like come over to usually you learned that in textbook come over to come over to but usually French people don't say that they say Sava with like question tone Sava or even suburbia suburbia suburbia Sava so here as you can see there is this kind of question tone or you can say como Safa Karman Sava or even true value like question to that yeah and for all those three questions you can answer like Java or suburbia or even Dravidian so here like yeah you can just say Sabah you know it's not like something that you have to say but here you have to save yeah you cannot just say ribbit so for example you can hear that in French Sava Sava so first person Sava the answer is Sava Sava Saba so here is like how do you do how do you do but it's quite common in French to hear service ABBA so here if you hear that don't be surprised and just answer like Java or Celebi on again this one is quite easy this is not like something quite personal but then let's move on to more personal questions so here is one of the main question that you can hear it's like where are you from trivial do trivial do or even more accurate Chile under Kelvin like which which city or which country Kelpie children the kelpie chief yada kelvil so which city trivia no kelvil which country Chile under Calpe or like more generic - viondra trivial - where are you from who is like where so here you can answer with trivia like the typical answer for either of those questions is like trivia and then you can add the city or the country but here in French it's a bit tricky as you may probably know nouns in French have a gender like feminine or masculine it's the same for countries and cities cities it's always feminine like Paris London tari long is always feminine so but country you have to remember if it's masculine feminine or not like sometimes it's even plural like United States it does unique so this is kind of tricky and you need to learn your country so please check for your country but if you're one of those countries you have the example here like it does we need it's plural so with plural for this answer you have to say the trivia the zetas uni trivia this attorney this is like the here and this is like the pure form if the word is feminine so for every series it's quite easy but also for some country like France or Belgium you have to say do trivia Delano you via the phone's reveal the basic trivia dull man you like Germany it's feminine as well and have to say do but here cuz Germany starts with an A in French all mine you have to do the contraction so trivia dull mania so here like many countries of feminine most of the countries of feminine in French but they are some that are masculine this is the case for Japan and when the word is masculine you have to say dude which is the contraction of do and look look is the masculine a word in French so here it's like du Loup so it becomes du du Japan trivia juice apple like if you come from Morocco you have to say trivia Jumma hawk because Morocco is masculine so this is what you can answer specific questions more general questions and always the same answer and please you have to check for their country if you are from England trivia don't let the same as Germany angleterre is something masculine and I'm gonna tell you something feminine feminine so here trivia don't litter with the contraction of the D so let's move on to the next one now it's still about locations but now it's where you leave West could you abbott weskit rabbit this is quite common and maybe you've learned that on textbook I think I would probably use one of those two sentence if I have to ask a question to someone waistcoat rabbit whiskers rabbit or tabby to tabby to or even true I'd be to here as you can see there is this unusual contraction when you learn French you don't learn this kind of contraction because in the video I made a casual French I'm explaining the rule for that but I'm gonna rip idli briefly say it again so here true like true a bit in a casual way you can just do a contraction if there is a vowel sound here so true a bit like vowel a bit so you can say tabby to tabby to whiskers rabbit tabby - so one of those two questions you can hear that and if you hear one of the one of these you have like to answer with one of those questions so here again there is gender for like countries and and cities so cities is still like always feminine but you have to remember so here this is the important to remember that you have up oh oh so here with plural so it has unique which is plural you have to say oh silent X oh if it's feminine you have to say ah ah so like London like or any other city you have to say rabbit island Oh rabbit island oh so here this is kind of easy don't forget the accent the a it's not the verb evoi like to have it's like a preposition so not a verb be careful with that to distinguish with the verb you add the accent and here geppu it's like for all masculine words please note that this is the same pronunciation for o and O but here since there is a vowel here you have to do the RISM again there is a video on liaison that is important and you can check if you don't know the rules so here oh is it as you need so I'm gonna say some other examples so if you're from England and you live in England you say Chabot oh no glitter so here it's another case this is feminine and for series it's always up but for OH when you have to use oh it's when you have a country which is feminine for example a bit of Holmes a bit on Nell manye I live in France or I live in Germany so be careful this is only for a city and with countries it's Oh so Chabot Oh force is a bit of homes so only for City the are here it's like feminine but for country so be careful because for city it's always up but for country it's um when it's feminine so be careful with that it's really important all phones but maybe you don't want to be as accurate or maybe you're living in France now and you're living in the same city than a friend and this friend want to know where you live because you want to visit you so you can say like if you live close to the station for example you can say Chabot pegleg ah Chabot Tredegar like close to the station close to the station or if you live close to your university because your are like an exchange students or like an international student you can say Chabot play the university like University it's like the same it does in English except that we here it's the e with an accent it's a bit okay the university like close to the university so this is quite common question and this is some sort of answer here Mars more general here and here more specific like we're in the city we're in the city of you living so now we've seen like some classic questions I'm gonna explain some other questions which are kind of important those two are quite easy like how old are you Kalasha true usually you learn that Kel as a true how old are you but usually we don't say that in French with it we say tequila or true a collage here again casual French so contraction between the two and the AH because here this is a vowel like this is the same than here contraction tequila tequila this is quite common question so here the answer is the same that in the polite way savato revolto if you have 20 like you say not on here another question which can be useful if you're living in France and you have French friends and some relationships with French people you can you may have a phone number that you want to share with people or people want you to share your phone number so here Cecotto nuevo means like what is your phone number c'est quoi to numeral this is kind of casual with friends you will learn that quite a lot and the answer is salut 0 sis 0 meet Catherine insists on concerns was on this advice for example but you remember that in French when you say numbers phone numbers you always say like 2 by 2 so here it's like zero is zero it catalysis stuck on sank Swiss on the set so I put the dots here that usually you don't write when you write your number but it's like a way to explain that you just take them two by two okay so sick watanabe ho salut 0c zeonetix it extra extra so this is kind of common and maybe you know you've noticed that forget this one this one is kind of special if you speak like as a non native French speaker you can sometimes like you will not be understood and the person will ask Oh what did you say something like that and he would say in French come on or qua qua is a bit more it's like more it's ruder than come on come on means like oh I didn't understand I want you to repeat though this is a kind of specific question this is like a casual question and the answer to this question is just repeat or rephrase your sentence so come on quote and please note that it's not because someone like some French people ask you to repeat liquid the kimono qua that it means that you like not good at French it's like even for French people sometimes we ask this so don't be worried about that come on so you just rip it so for example I said Julian is destiny I said this sentence quite fast so you didn't understand and you want to you want me to repeat so you say come on or if you want to be clear you can just say can you repeat please so in French escucha pure petty escucha puh rapidly escrow to put a deputy so this is equivalent this is a question equivalently como or quoi so if you hear that don't be surprised and just try to repeat or rephrase your sentence so that's all for that let's move on to some more specific questions and different formulations so here like concerning a birthday this is a question that you can be asked so here like this is the first way to say it like clinical Tenneco so here again contraction between two and a because there is a vowel a casual contraction new like born and come come like when you can also add the the come here like cottony but it's more like it's more common to say clinical it was like where you bought when are you born so clinical this is quite a classic question or if they weren't specific like your birthday in particular they would maybe say then there might be they might say second term in yourself second tone anniversary sitcom to nine years they're like when is your birthday second anniversary again casual way maybe you have you you've learned in your textbooks contest get on the new yourself contest add on and yourself but here it's like the more casual way to say that and the answer for that is like for any questions you can answer any sentences so you can say just Renee reduce of the meaning of song Katia van Dee's just renamed rody shortly meaning of song cat colonies I forgot to put the loop here which is really important which is Renee load is only meaning of some cat colonies or you can say just like check this sale again and say sailor digitally meaning of some categories even if they ask you sicko University you can still answer with just renamed each of them in Osaka trauma this just in a traditional minute some cat colonies or maybe it would be more common to say cellar dish of the middle of some cat colonies so here like some classic answers but be careful if you hear those questions and not what you've learned in your textbooks and the last three ones or like kind of long questions but French people often ask those questions so be prepared for that so here three ways to say to ask the same question I'm not gonna say it in English first I'm gonna read them so Suffolk come beyond the top could you at home reef on say c'est fait combien do Tom cut you up home reef Raza can you understand the meaning here I didn't write always that I didn't write the translation in English because it's a good practice for you to try to translate before I'm giving you the translation so here the question is okay maybe you've found the meaning of that but let's move on to the next one tap home Luhan said do come you know tom tap home with considerable comment on the pony from say the pick me a little so this one like same meaning or here Tacoma Seco upon very frosty Tacoma Seco boundary faucet I forgot the question mark just here but like it's roughly the same meaning this one the if you translate this one you have to say like it would be something like for how long have you been learning French for how long have you been learning French Suffolk come be on the top could you a Polly faucet or you can even do the contraction here good tap on the faucet like I did the contraction here but you can also just say - it's like the same man here tackle a shoe a collage so here this one those two sentences or like exactly the same translation like for how long have you been learning French just to casual way to say two different casual way and the last one is a bit different it's like when did you start learning French when did you start learning French in a casual way the camasta co-op hot water faucet so here it's like roughly the same meaning so here the answer would be like one of those two sentences like for any of those questions you can answer one of those two sentences saffet doors oh so here you can see that there is a sapphic and the same than here even though you can answer for any of those questions here you can see that it's kind of the same pattern it's quite difficult to translate in English but the meaning is here like I have been learning French for the two years douzo douzo it's like kind of short way to say that suffer here is like the verb like faith which is like do to do this is quite common in French to say Safa like for amounts or distance or like time you can say Safiye so like if you want to say the price of thumb something you can say Safa duzu Sofia do zoo like it costs 2 euros but in French you can say just Suffolk Safa do zoo so here again it's like sapphire ouzo which is what you see here in the question like so how long have you been learning French how Stafford is on satakam young don't get you a pony Francie Stafford douzo douzo but if you want to do something with like when you started you want to use the verb start in French which is c'mon say you can say gee c'mon see ya the zone so here Illya it's like ago so here two years ago so in French like he the ago is before the time so here jicama say in the other zone I've started two years ago Elia do zone yet was oh yeah Plaza like three hours ago but if you started French creepy hours ago that's good but it's not that long so you've probably not you will probably not enter that that's question with this so jicama see ya do zone so this is kind of common way to answer those questions and personally when I meet someone like I'm always wondering when they start learning the language they learn and so that's really common question that you will probably hear if you go friends here is something also related to you French learning it's like how do you how did you translate how did you learn French the next one is a bit like the previous one but it's focusing on your French learning but here it's not but it's how like people are sometimes curious and they want to know how you how you've learned French so here is to question that you can hear it's like applica mow roof on set-top que como live on set come on Rico say here again you can see that there is this contraction that a primo de francais up true so here if I asked you guys to apply como roof instead applicable for sale you can answer like she applied a university your answer is like really a university University you remember we've seen that before it's like in English University University with the accent she happy a university so you've learned that University French but another question like can be asked is like tap refrence a so here you can see that we can ask liquid camo or ooh but it's roughly the same meaning like how and where you can say that in French but it's yeah roughly the same meaning because come on it's like oh I've learned at university which is like I was working at University this is the answer for where but it's also the answer for how because you like when you say je up here in your state it under Pines that you've learned with the teacher so this it was your method kind of method but another question another answer that you can ask like maybe you like you are watching those videos and you're learning by yourself without using a teacher so here G a quick to sell to sell like by myself or alone JRP to sell so this is a question like where did you learn French tap purely from say you can say oh no where I've just learned by myself so you can just say sherry - sir so here even if it's ooh you can say JFK to sir it's not something really weird if you do that in French there picomolar francais again you can say JFK to sell come on - sir so here again the comment would be more related to cell and the would be more related to I'd need a state but if you guys don't do the disambiguation like if you answer with the other ones it's perfectly okay so again two questions related to French learning and the last one is related to you trip in France like when you meet like if you go to France and you meet some people they might ask you like if it's your first time in France or if you've ever been inference before our questions like that so the way they can ask you that is Silla premiere for Katrina phones like the polite way to say that would be excuse Tilikum your for kajillion of course excuse in a premier for Katrina of house so this is kind of polite or also casual but this one is more casual select from your Katrina of homes set up from your couch even of homes so here if I ask you set up come your for Katrina of house like you are like we are in France you're asking like I meet you and I'll ask you seal upon your fuckin trivial Foss if it's your first time you can say oh yeah it's my first time so you just say oui c'est la première fois oui c'est la première fois but if it's not your first time you can say oh no it's not my first time it's like my second times so you can say no Sylla do the m4 from EF ozium so no Silla do the m4 do the m4 I'm gonna write du chien because maybe you want to know how to say that do seeum so here you can say that another question which is kind of the same meaning but like there is a subsidy which is because it's the opposite it's like when they ask you to develop on your horse Ivo today Java nuevo like here again contraction to a tip - Avenue of hans-adam have you ever been to France before I've owned before ever didja have you ever been to friends before I've been so today's Avenue of Hans Alvin your answer is that it can be Oh No I've never been to France no Jonas regime ever knew of hans-adam no Jonas three Jame the opposite of DJ's drama didja Jean a venue of Hans other know Jonas regime a venue of hans-adam or you can answer if you've been to France before you've been in France before you can say - sweet - Avenue yeah doesn't for example so here again you see that in theaters on two years ago just a venue yeah douzo okay so you've seen that French people can ask you questions in many ways so you've seen like some classic questions don't forget that the contraction is really important then don't do the inversion here chief Jung joori and here question that French people can ask you and sometimes you hear those questions are lots and instead of just being like confused it's better to be used to that and just to answer those questions because you will know how to answer that so now you will be confident enough to answer the questions and that's really good for your like your determination because if you go to France and you live in France like other an international students or stuff like that like I did you will hear those questions if you can directly answer those questions without thinking about that that's really good for your mind because you say okay I can speak with native people and answer questions really easily so this is kind of good for your self-confidence so please read those sentences again and try to to be confident with that you can just read those questions out loud and make your own response your own answers with your own birthday or your own like when did you start learning French or how did you like how did you how did you learn French so this was only a small amount of sentences but I hope it would be good for you so that's all for today well if you like this video you can click on the like button or leave a comment on the comment section down below and if you haven't subscribed yet you can click on the subscribe button and with that you will not miss our contents and if you want some more resources on French learning you can go on our website french pod 101.com you will see a lot of contents for you French learning and improve you way to speak and read French that's all for today it was Pierre and see you on next video