Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody melissa here welcome to us a teacher will answer some of your most common spanish questions the question for this lesson is how can i use the pronouns say reciprocally in this lesson we are going to focus on another common and important usage of the pronouns see ok let's go we can see the reciprocal pronouns say when we have two or more subjects who are doing the same action to each other here say would function as the direct object but will be the indirect object if there's another direct object that is formally expressed let's take for example Carlos iguana civilian meaning Carlos unqualified with each other here say adds as the direct object because they think that they are fighting is themselves another example would be los Amigos say Scriven Cultus literally meaning the friends write letters among them here the direct object is compass letters which is the thing that they are writing and say axis the indirect object acids to whom the action goes I had full tip to identify this kind of say is to add alumina true meaning to each other el uno con el otro literally meaning one with the other would vimentin meaning mutually or with Ebro comenta meaning reciprocal e to the end of the sentence if the sentences meaning doesn't change we need to use reciprocal see how is this lesson pretty interesting right do you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I'll try to answer them see you later a logo