Tutorial Transcript

Hi everybody, Rosa here. Welcome to ask a teacher, where I'll answer some of your most common Spanish questions the question for this lesson is where are some Spanish business expressions if we consider that about 500 million people are native Spanish speakers we can understand why Spanish is becoming one of the most used languages in the world of business in this lesson we'll go over some basic business expressions that you can use in a Spanish this company Lolita so which means I am sorry for being late it's a very useful phrase you can use this for whenever you can't manage to be on time for a meeting or just come in late to the office you can also say lamington with Russell which means the same thing but the sense of regret is stronger and don't forget to offer your target a Lolita or business card when you're beginning a business relationship with someone a very useful expression to learn is the combination of a substantive plus the complement the negocios which means of business following this combination we can form expressions like dana de negocios meaning business dinner Bianca the negocios meaning business trip reunion the dev obvious meaning business meeting tantrum an arrow fuse meaning business center we see today negocios meaning business visit and many others like in the examples o tengo una señal de negocios meaning today I have a business dinner or don't attend Ramos la unión de negocios well will we have the business meeting if you're asked to write a report and want to know when it's due you can ask quando they won't remodeling for me which literally means when should I give the report if little busy at work and want to let your co-workers know you can use this phrase Astoria tapa de trabajo an example would be Astoria tapa de trabajo no puedo hacer nada mas which means I'm overwhelmed by work I can't do anything more 1018 cuenta is another great idiom to use in business it literally means to realize or to be a word let's go over how to use it for example if your team has a lot of work to do but you'll be out of town the following week you can say 1018 Quinta I studied Ibaka Fiona's la próxima semana which means take into consideration that I'm on vacation next week when work is finished you can use the phrase a simplified call our Archon status over Soto's which means it's a pleasure doing business with you you could use a service which is you in the plural form in a formal context or vosotros which is you in the plural form in an informal context you can also use travelhob which means work instead of kelabra with Tasha the phrase would be a salon plus a trabajar con ustedes vosotros which means it has been a pleasure working with you how has this lesson pretty interesting right do you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I'll try to answer them see you later a level you