Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody Rosa here welcome to us a teacher where I'll answer some of your most common Spanish questions the question for this lesson is what are some examples of the slang tio anthea in this lesson we are going to focus on one of the most of its evil words used in colloquial Spanish the slug teal which is masculine and Dia which is feminine you can hear tio until every day and almost anywhere if you're in a strain the most standard use of tio is uncle and for Tia its own for example me do esta Barcelona meaning my uncle is from Barcelona however this lesson is going to talk about how t OA dia are used in a slump let's look some examples if you greet someone you can say hola tío meaning hey dude or comest osteo literally how are you do these words also can be used when you talk about an unknown person for example again vino tio sympathy quality meaning yesterday a nice guy came to meet you it's also common to address your friends using the word tears for example capacity O's meaning what's up guys there are also some other words in Spanish that can be used like to India for example Papa and Papa these words literally need Turkey but you can replace steel with Pavo in a sentence like this take it as a bubble what's up with them man to learn words would be 7 and Sawada these words usually mean kill but many times they can be used a steal Anthea for example told in Tamil is it all ok dude please note that this land use of tio dia is limited to Spain the rest of the spanish-speaking countries only use T on deer to mean uncle unarmed how listen pretty interesting right do you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I'll try to answer them see you later hasta luego