Tutorial Transcript

hi everybody Rosa here welcome to us a teacher will answer some of your most common Spanish questions the question for this lesson is where are some popular Spanish idioms in English we have our fair share of idioms like it's raining cats and dogs or even what's up here are some Spanish videos you should know number 10 is a stunning panel meaning to be spaced out literally it means to be breaded in Spain we have a lot of breaded foods like line panel or a lira so every time your mind freezes and you can think you're getting empanada or empanada number 9 is dog milk among tronco mimic to sleep like a drunk this means that you slept very well for example a dormido c'mon tronco meaning I slept like a drunk number 8 shillitoe means sausage and if you are carnivorous you are going to find spanish chorizo delicious but don't be surprised if you hear this word in reference to a person that means they are thief burglar or swindler number 7 is one that doesn't make much sense but you love them here it is a film tiempo de perros literally it's a dog weather meaning it's terrible weather number 6 is a phonetic challenge get your Radha - Radha Wow sounds difficult we have the CH and a double R so what does Joanna mean if we say good Sanada we are expressing that something is not important has no sense or is absurd number five is Castagna holy ligado which means it's ridiculously expensive but it literally means it costs an eye out of the head number four AB globalport los pelos literally means to pass by the hair referring to an exam if you say AB global por los pelos you're saying that you got the lowest score or close to it but pass the exam hopefully you don't use this expression too much number three is K Y meaning cool here we have a very useful multi-purpose word do you want to go to the beach why do you like my trousers they're wise how was the party last night we won it's similar to go okay perfect or beautiful however be careful it should only be used in cultural or colloquial situations number two is Finan cacao literally translated it means to have a cock out however the real meaning is to have a lot of trouble or to be in a mess lastly number one is the needle Guapo soo below which literally means to have the good looking up the meaning of this may be easy for you to guess you can use this phrase when suddenly one of your friends looks stunning the opposite of a 100 tienes algo oppas Oviedo did anything will happen to you today you're looking handsome how is this lesson pretty interesting right do you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below and I'll try to answer them hasta luego see you later