Tutorial Transcript

Ciao! Welcome to Italian Holiday words and this is Ilaria, and today’s theme is New Year's Day! Let’s start! Capodanno "New Year's Day" Capodanno, Of course, is New Year's Day. So Capodanno is January 1st. Molti italiani aspettano l'arrivo del Capodanno insieme alla propria famiglia. "Many Italians wait with their families for the New Year's Day to come." Notte di San Silvestro “The night of Saint Silvestro" La notte di San Silvestro è la notte tra il 31 dicembre e il primo gennaio. "The night of Saint Silvestro is the night between December 31st and January 1st." So actually San Silvestro is “Saint Silvestro”, so it’s on the Christian calendar, you have this, the December 31st is the day of st. Sylvester, so it is called the night of san Silvestro. veglione "New Year's Day dance" Il veglione è una festa da ballo che comincia dopo la mezzanotte e continua fino al mattino del primo gennaio. "Veglione is a dance party that starts around midnight and goes on until the morning of January 1st." Usually Italian people spend last day of December with their families so we have a dinner, and we had a lot of course, and then we wait for midnight to come. After midnight everyone, you know, goes their ways. For example, young people can go to these vegliones or they go dancing with the friends, or they can go to meet other friends and play games until the morning. But anyway, you stay up until morning. lenticchie "lentils" Le lenticchie sono un piatto tradizionale per il Capodanno e simboleggiano i soldi. Più ne mangi e più soldi hai. "Lentils are a traditional dish for the New Year's Day and they symbolize money. The more you eat them and the more money you will have (during the new year)." concerti di Capodanno "New Year's Day concerts" Il 31 dicembre molte grandi città italiane organizzano dei concerti pubblici in piazza. "On December 31, many Italian big cities organize public concerts in city squares." They start on the evening, of course, of December 31st. So if you want to spend a different New Year’s Eve you can go there, to the city squares to listen to this concert. Many artists come, many, any type of music, could be classical, could be pop music, popular music, any kind of music. And then you can spend the night there and wait for the midnight, surrounded by hundreds of people. No more words! Abbiamo finite go! The end. I hope you enjoy today's deal don't forget to check the website and ci vediamo la prossima volta. Ciao! Buon anno!