Tutorial Transcript

Chao! Sono Ilaria and welcome to Italian holiday words. Today’s theme is Pizzafest. Pizzafest is a very important event for Pizza lovers. It is organized in my city which is Napoli, Naples and I really wish you could go at least once in your life. Pizzafest. [Il Pizzafest si tiene a Napoli a metà Settembre e dura undici giorni.] “Pizzafest takes place in Napoli in the middle of September and lasts for 11 days”, it’s very long. You can eat a lot of pizza. [Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana] “True Neapolitan Pizza Associazione”. [L'Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana è l'organizzatrice del Pizzafest.] “True Neapolitan Pizza Association is the organizer of the Pizzafest”. ["Vota la pizza!"] - “Rate the pizza” and this is an event inside the event. This is a contest basically where visitors can rate all the pizza they ate during the event and then you know, there will be a winner. The best Pizzeria in the world will be elected because this is not limited only to Pizzeria from Napoli but from all over the world. [Alcuni anni fa il vincitore di "Vota la pizza!" fu una pizzeria giapponese.] - “Some years ago, the winner of Vota la pizza was a Japanese pizza restaurant”, unbelievable. I must try that pizza one day or another. [mozzarella di bufala] - “buffalo mozzarella”. I love [mozzarella di bufala]. I think it is one of the most delicious cheese in the world. If you didn’t try it yet, you must try it. I command you. [La mozzarella di bufala è la regina della pizza napoletana.] - “buffalo mozzarella is the queen of Neapolitan pizza”. [Regina Margherita], Queen Margherita. Regina Margherita, Queen Margherita or Margaret if you prefer. Maybe you heard already the word Margherita related to pizza. In fact, you know the Pizza Margherita [Si dice che la pizza Margherita sia stata creata in onore della Regina Margherita nel 1889.] - “It is said that Pizza Margherita was created in honor of Queen Margherita in 1889” but we don’t know if that’s true or it’s just a legend. Finito! No more pizza for today. I hope you enjoyed today’s pizza, not today sorry, episode and see you next time. Don’t forget to check the website and chao-chao! Buona pizza! Mozzarella di bufala!