Tutorial Transcript

Chao! This is Ilaria and welcome to Italian holiday words. Today’s theme is everyone’s favorite, summer vacation. At least it’s my favorite. I don’t know about you. Usually in Italy, summer vacation are very, very long for students, for example for high school students, they finish going to school maybe around middle of June and then they go back to school around the beginning – the first week of September. So they have two months and a half to enjoy the summer. Of course they have homework but if you are an adult, of course you just have your holidays and usually you have 30 days of holidays to spend throughout the year. [Vacanze estive] - “Summer vacation”. [Quest'anno tascorerò le vacanze estive in Nord-Europa.] - “This year, I will spend my summer vacation in Northern Europe”. [esodo estivo] - “Summer exodus”. [Quest'anno ritarderò le mie vacanze per evitare l'esodo estivo.] - “This year I will delay my vacation to avoid the summer exodus”. [Rimini e Riccione] - “Rimini and Riccione”. Rimini and Riccione are two places. They are very famous for going to vacation in Italy especially among young people. [I giovani vanno a Rimini e Riccione, soprattutto perché è pieno di discoteche e locali.] - “Young people go to Rimini and Riccione especially because there are a lot of clubs and discos.” [sindrome da rientro] - “Post-vacation blues”. I never suffered that to be honest, but what about you? [Io non ho mai avuto la sindrome da rientro. E voi?] - “I never had Post-vacation blues, what about you?”. [abbronzarsi] - “Suntan”. [Per gli Italiani è un must abbronzarsi in estate.] - “For Italian people, it’s a must to get Suntan in summer”. If you are not, they are going to ask you why are you so pale, come on, get out with me, go outside in the sun. I am kind of pale, so….In Southern Italy, temperature can go above 40 degrees Celsius in summer. It’s so hot, believe me. You will have your skin like burning, fire from the skin. It’s hot! We are done for today, so enjoy your summer holidays! Godetevi te quest'estate, and I hope you enjoyed the video. See you next time. Don’t forget to check the website and chao! Buone vacanze!