Tutorial Transcript

Ciao! Welcome to Italian weekly words. Io sono Ilaria. And today’s theme is Salone del Gusto. [Il Salone del Gusto è una mostra enogastronomica che si svolge ogni due anni.] Salone del Gusto is a food and beverage expo that takes place every two years, in Italy of course. [Torino] Torino. I mean it’s just Torino, the city of Torino, and yes it’s important because [La città di Torino organizza il Salone del Gusto.] The city of Torino organized Salone del Gusto. [Enoteca] Wine house. As I said before, this is a food and beverage expo and in Italian, we use the word [enogastronomica] or [enogastronomico] which means which is composed by two words: [eno] which means winen and [gastronomica] which means anything related to food. So [enoteca] has the same part [eno] So it’s something about wine and it is a wine house. [Io non sono mai stata in un'enoteca, perché non mi piace il vino.] I have never been to a wine house because I don’t like wine actually. I know I am a disgrace as an Italian, I’m sorry. [biodiversità] biodiversity [Uno degli scopi del Salone del Gusto è tutelare la biodiversità di tutti i paesi del mondo.] One of the goals of [Salone del Gusto] is to protect the food and agricultural biodiversity of all the countries in the world. [birra spalmabile] spreadable beer. Yeah maybe you might not believe it but in Italy, we created spreadable beer. [Se siete amanti della birra, dovete assolutamente provare la birra spalmabile.] If you are beer lovers, you must absolutely try the spreadable beer. Since it was created by the minds of an Italian chocolatier and brewery. I am curious. It doesn’t also contain alcohol, actually. The end, we are done! Abbiamo finito anche per oggi, we are done for today too. I hope you enjoyed the video and don’t forget to check the websites and ci vediamo la prossima volta. See you next time. Ciao! They try to make me go to rehab, I say no, no, no!