Tutorial Transcript

Welcome to the France show 2019! So, today I'm with Sonia! Hello Sonia! Hello! So, why are you here at the France Show? So, I'm here to introduce a new website that I launched this week! It is intended to promote wine producers ... In France, who offer accommodation at the estate. So ... Whether in gites, bed and breakfasts in hotels, barrels, there you have it ... Varied types of accommodation, which are available everywhere in France. OK great! Very good idea ! So ... Who are these people? Who are these wine merchants that you contact? How do you contact them? How ... How ... what is your process? Yes... Either, I contact them directly, I'll knock on their door or I send them an email! I also promote in magazines focused on wine. I also work with interprofessionals in different French regions. So that they hear a little bit about me and then join the project, which is brand new! The project is brand new. So let’s say ... I am a person who loves wine very much, who loves France very much... What do I do? You are welcome here! Ok, so how does one proceed? Go to my website. So "www.wineandspiritlodging.com". And on this website, you're going to have a list of producers that will be available to you. So, you can either choose by type of accommodation, by region, or by type of wine you like. You will be able to find a list of producers. You will then end up on their file and you will be able to make a request to them directly! They will answer you ... And then, you’ll be able to go to their home and discover the French regions. Ok! But then, what is your role in this process? That is to say ... Do you present the "package"? I assume that this is how it goes: "Well, a week in this vineyard is going to cost you this much ... then you share some of the money with those vineyards?" How does work? So ... no ... How do you make money? These are memberships from the domains to join my site. Then as a customer, the bookings are done directly with the domain so it's free! The domain answers you directly ... On the other hand, there is a loyalty program for customers who often go to these wineries. You can join this program, it costs 29.90 euros/year ie 29 pounds/year. And it will allow you, every time you spend some time at a winery, to be able to accumulate "Grapes" ... (Loyalty points) "Grapes"! I like that name a lot ... here ... "Grapes"! (Loyalty points) And after accumulating enough "Grapes", you will receive special vouchers to get free wine or to spend nights in other properties ... that's the idea! The idea is really to discover as many ... Wine regions, producers and wines as possible of course! With moderation! Of course! I love the idea! Thank you Sonia! So, please remind us the name of your company. Wine and Spirit Lodging! Ok, there will be a link attached to this video! So click, click, click! Ok, thank you very much Sonia! Thank you Alexa! Goodbye, see you soon, kisses, bye!