Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to the France Show 2018. Today, I have the honour of being with Florence. Hello Florence. / Hello Alexa So, Florence, I have a question. What is the reason for you being here today? Because it is too hot in London. No, I am kidding. It the eighth year that we are taking part in the France Show. And we are really really pleased about this. But so, why, why are you here… The Vienne Tourist Agency wishes to make its treasures known to the English, to our English friends because we know they appreciate unspoilt nature, heritage. Poitiers, it is a destination in itself. Poitiers, where is Poitiers? / Well Poitiers, it is between Paris and Bordeaux. So, we are going to show on the map. Poitiers, here is Poitiers. Here is Paris, and here is London. Just to give you an idea. And Bordeaux, it is…? Bordeaux is 250 kilometers south of Poitiers. Poitiers, you reach it by TGV from Montparnasse station, you reach it by plane thanks to direct flights Stansted-Poitiers and of course, Super Highway/motorway A10. Our English friends love the south of the Vienne, the Civraisien because we have many medieval villages such as Montmorillon, in the South of Vienne and Gartempe. We have Saint-Savin Abbey, which is listed as World Heritage by Unesco. Again, the town of Poitiers is a human size town, with between 90000 and 100000 inhabitants. And out of these 90000 inhabitants, you have 26 to 27 000 students. So, in fact, a third of the population is students. That is, even though it is a town of Art and history, 2000 years of history with very narrow, cobbled streets, magnificent churches, a cathedral, Saint-James baptistery dated 5th century, well, it is also a very young town, which lives to the rhythm of festivals, concerts, etc. because it is the first university town in France proportionate to its population. It is extraordinary, I didn’t know that is was such a university orientated town. So, I have a last question to ask you Florence: if I only had a day in Poitiers, for example, one day. What should I do? Just one day. What would you recommend? Alexa, one day, it is not possible, because we have the Futuroscope. The Futuroscope, a European theme park around images where you have around 20 experiences which await you, pavillions with cinemas showing films ranging from 3 to 40 minutes, where you are part of fantastic experiences. Without moving, you will experience a parachute jump with 3D, 4D experiences, in a theme park with futuristic architecture, where indoor/outdoor are really worth seeing. And unfortunately, to see everything at the Futuroscope, it takes 2 days. So, is really I was able to find you a special pass, you could maybe see the best-off of the Futuroscope in one day. But then, you wouldn’t have seen Poitiers! It would just be heartbreaking, it is not possible. So, the minimum is a day and a half Alexa, you can stay at my house. Super, I cut myself a deal to stay in Poitiers, so I am going. Well, thank you so much Florence, thank you, goodbye. Goodbye, thank you for your consideration, and see you in Poitiers. See you soon, thank you. See you soon, then, in Poitiers. Bye, goodbye, see you soon, kiss kiss.