Tutorial Transcript

Hello and welcome to Learn French with Alexa and today I am going to make pizzas. For my pizzas today I am going to put some grated cheese, some sliced tomatoes, some black or green olives some sweetcorn, some mushrooms, some tuna, some artichokes, some ham, some tomato sauce, and of course a pizza dough. I am going to put tomato sauce first. I take my cheese and I put it on the pizzas. I am going to start with a vegetarian pizza and I am going to put some artichokes, some mushrooms, some sweetcorn, the green olives and to finish some tomatoes. I add a little bit of cheese. I put it into the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. My pizza number 2. I am going to put some tuna some black olives some sweetcorn perhaps also some tomatoes and a little bit more cheese, there. For my pizza number 3, I am going to put just half ham and the other half ham and mushrooms. Why? Because my brother, he doesn’t like mushrooms. He hates mushrooms. And the other half mushrooms. The fourth one just cheese, it is just, uh... It is very simple. Here are my pizzas. Good appetite, goodbye, see you soon, kiss, kiss.